OnePlus Announces the Name of the Device to be Announced at CES 2020: Concept One


OnePlus recently announced that it will be organizing an event at CES 2020 and shared the name of the device it will introduce: Concept One. Although this device is not known for now, it is predicted to be a concept smartphone.

OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is a company that has made its mark in the markets it has sold with the introduction of flagship features and equipment at a more affordable price. More importantly, OnePlus is preparing to come up with a new ‘thing Tüketici at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, which will begin in Las Vegas, USA on January 7.

According to a post shared by OnePlus on Weibo, China’s local social media platform, the company will perform a special event at CES 2020 and will come up with a new device called Concept One. What this device is about is not yet known, but it is certainly a concept smartphone.

OnePlus can announce its first foldable phone in CES 2020
What exactly is the OnePlus Concept One? We cannot give clear information about this. The foldable smartphone category is getting more and more sound, and OnePlus can become one of the companies that introduced a foldable smartphone in the CES 2020. Perhaps we will encounter a completely unique and different concept device like Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha. We don’t know for now…

OnePlus recently entered the smart television industry and introduced its first smart television. It is also possible that the company will come up with a concept and a new generation of smart television. But at a time when the 5G and foldable smartphone market is so vibrant, the company is not expected to choose to introduce a television over a remarkable phone.


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