OnePlus Announces Integration With Oppo; See What Can Change


OnePlus: The manufacturer OnePlus announced this Wednesday (16) a merger with another company in the electronics industry, Oppo. The confirmation was released by the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, in a post on the brand’s virtual community.

According to Lau, the move is an “expanding integration” between brands. This means OnePlus will have more resources to create new products and bring faster and more stable software updates.

The pair of companies was already well integrated on several levels. Both were born as independent brands, but belong to the same conglomerate: BBK Electronics, which also houses the companies realme, vivo and Iquoo, being one of the largest in the global smartphone market.

In September of last year, Lau had already taken on a management position at a new company called OPLUS, created to concentrate the duo’s joint projects. In early 2021, the hardware division of both was unified. Speculations about a possible distancing had circulated in recent months, but they did not proceed.

And now?

The OnePlus statement is not very clear on what the corporate move is, but the text indicates that the merger is leaning more towards an absorption by Oppo.

OnePlus will continue to “operate independently,” including launching products and experiences and holding proprietary conferences with advertisements. There will be no name changes or communication channels, but it is possible that smartphone features from one brand will appear more frequently in those of another.


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