OnePlus and Oppo unify hardware division


The manufacturers of mobile devices Oppo and OnePlus announced on Thursday (21) the union of the sectors of R&D (research and development) in hardware of the companies in a single initiative.

The software divisions of the two brands, however, must remain separate. Thus, the acclaimed OxygenOS from OnePlus should not be influenced by Oppo’s ColorOS and vice versa.

Still, this means that technologies are likely to be even more shared between devices from both brands. Oppo specializes in advances in photography, for example, with bold devices like the Find X3 Pro.

OnePlus, on the other hand, has a loyal user base and recently entered the wearables industry with a smart bracelet. However, they will continue to operate independently and launch models with their own differentials – more or less like Xiaomi and the independent sub-brands Redmi and Poco, for example.

The collaboration between the two brands is no longer today. Since September 2020, the two and Realme have been part of OPLUS, an investment group that oversees the trio and is chaired by OnePlus CEO and co-founder, Pete Lau. It is also worth remembering that both are subsidiaries of the same conglomerate, BBK Electronics.


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