Oneplus 9 Pro will dazzle with wireless charging speed


Oneplus’s new flagship model Oneplus 9 Pro is preparing to impress users with their features. Oneplus India has been the design of the model to share from the Twitter account. In addition, new leaks appeared on the specifications of the model.

OnEPLUS 9, ONEPLUS 9R and ONEPLUS 9 Pro name will be opposed to 3 new models. On the Oneplus website for the event to start March 23, a special page showed itself.

ONEPLUS 9 Pro features attract attention

The color options for the Oneplus 9 series last week were leaked. Now it has been sharing the official source about the model. The design of the sharing showed itself. Also the model selected for sharing has had a gray color.

Oneplus 9 Pro sharing “In the dawn, the OnePlus 9 Pro is an inspired by soothing gleam in the dawn, offers a quiet and compatible design. See more on March 23. ‘Click let me know and get a chance to win a device from the Oneplus 9 series. ” the message took place.

With this share, OnePlus 9 Pro features pointed out. Because it has been involved in 50W wireless charging support in information for the model. Leakage came to the agenda by prices that leak the correct information before. In addition, this charging value was in front of the previous series oneplus 8. Because OnePlus 8 Pro has 30W wireless charging support.

The new model is also likely to be ahead against Oppo Find X3. Because this model also has 30W fast charging support. Today, there are 15W wireless charging support on many smartphones in sale.

Again, a wireless charger that meets the wireless charging support according to the leakage information will also be released. In addition, the model will have a capacity of 4.500 mah battery. In addition, 65W wired fast charging support to charge this battery will take place. The model will be out of the box with the charging instrument and cable.

According to the leak, Oneplus 9 is on-theeplus 9 will have quick charge support. However, the wireless charging feature support is unknown for the model referred to the OnePLUS 9R name. This model has an expectation that it will be a affordable model in the series. This means that the model will not have wireless charging support.


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