OnePlus 9 5G, Yet Announced, Sold for $ 3,000 on eBay


OnePlus’ upcoming flagship 9 recently came up with some photos. The same phone is now on sale on eBay. It remains unclear who bought the phone for $ 3,000 and by whom it was sold.

OnePlus, one of the popular technology manufacturers of recent times, has been working on a new flagship phone that it named “9” for a while. We even talked about the leaked images of this smartphone in an article we shared with you a while ago. That phone is now on the agenda once again. But this time, with a completely different subject …

An eBay user has put OnePlus’ upcoming smartphone for sale. This phone, which is not yet completed and announced, was also purchased by another user. The event, which is on the agenda of those who follow the smartphone industry closely, has also led to wondering who the people who sell and buy the phone are. However, the real issue was how this smartphone could be seized and sold before it was released.

OnePlus 9 prototype sold for exactly $ 3,000

The OnePlus 9, which was put up for sale by a mysterious eBay user, looks the same as the prototype that emerged. In addition to the images we have shared with you, the seller also shared some images showing the features of the phone. However, these images were removed after being on the listing screen for a very short time. Because the information revealed so far and the screenshots shared by the user in question did not match each other. Despite all this, the OnePlus 9 prototype found buyers for $ 3,000.

The OnePlus 9 will most likely have a 6.55-inch screen. The phone, which is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor, is expected to have a combination of 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage space. The front of the phone will have a camera offering 8 MP resolution and the main rear camera will offer 48 MP resolution. In addition, this smartphone will come with Android 11-based OxygenOS 11 interface. With the event to be organized by OnePlus, all the features of this smartphone will be revealed.


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