OnePlus 8T will not have pre-installed Facebook apps


OnePlus recently announced that its new smartphone, the OnePlus 8T, will not have pre-installed Facebook apps. The news comes after the company received a series of criticisms in its previous releases for filling the cell phones of apps that come straight from the factory.

The practice of installing factory apps is quite common in the smartphone industry, but OnePlus took fans by surprise in 2020. The company implemented “bloatwares” without much fanfare in the OnePlus 8 line and also in the OnePlus Nord, a cost-focused device -benefit that was launched by the company this year.

Users can even manually uninstall applications that belong to Facebook. However, part of the cell phone storage is permanently consumed by social network management software, such as Facebook Application Manager and Notication Service.

With the end of the partnership between OnePlus and Facebook, users don’t have to worry about apps permanently consuming space on the OnePlus 8T. In addition, users can still normally download the social network and its apps, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, through the Play Store.

Netflix remains pre-installed

Despite removing Facebook from its cell phones, OnePlus will still ship some factory-installed services on its new smartphones. The company confirmed that the Netflix app will still be present in the 8T to ensure better functioning with HDR functions.

In addition, users can also expect Google apps pre-installed on the OnePlus 8T operating system. The device will also feature optimization tools from OxygenOS, the customized Android interface used by the Chinese manufacturer.

The OnePlus 8T was recently presented and is already in pre-order in Europe for prices starting at € US $ 599, but with no expected launch to other locations in the world.

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