OnePlus 8T will come without Facebook apps installed


OnePlus’ new smartphone, OnePlus 8T, will not offer Facebook applications preloaded. OnePlus was criticized for including Facebook’s applications preloaded on the OnePlus 8 and Nord models it introduced in the past months.

While verifying the situation with the statement he sent to OnePlus Input site; He stated that only Google and OnePlus services and Netflix will appear before users on the new phone.

The basis of the reactions to OnePlus is that applications such as Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, which are pre-loaded on OnePlus 8 and Nord, cannot be deleted. In addition, Facebook’s services such as Application Installer and Application Manager running in the background cannot be completely removed from the phone.

In a statement made by OnePlus at that time, it was stated that these services made it possible to provide higher battery efficiency. However, users opposed this defense, saying that Facebook services deployed OnePlus’s Oxygen OS user interface. It was also stated that Facebook services consume a small amount of data in the background.

Although the OnePlus 8T doesn’t offer Facebook apps pre-installed, Netflix welcomes users as soon as the phone is turned on. According to the information given by OnePlus, HDR optimizations can be made on this way. For now, OnePlus remains silent on whether it will preload Facebook applications on its future phones. The company has not announced a method to delete Facebook applications in OnePlus 8 and Nord.

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