OnePlus 8 Pro to be Launched on April 14, Based on Two Different Sources


There has been a significant improvement in OnePlus’s new phone “8 Pro”, which has been known to be working on it for a while. After an internet site wrote the release date of this phone as April 14, Ishaan Agarwal stated that he also knew about April 14.

The smartphone industry is currently full of dozens of manufacturers trying to put themselves at the forefront. One of these manufacturers, the Chinese OnePlus and the company, are able to win the appreciation of the consumers with the smartphones it releases. There are some new developments regarding the upcoming new phone of OnePlus, which has been known to be working on a new phone for a while.

The new phone called OnePlus “8 Pro” has been the subject of rumors for a long time. Some features of this phone had already surfaced in the past. So consumers are wondering about the release date of this phone, rather than the hardware features.

Recent announcements by Ishaan Agarwal, who have gained a wide follower with the leaks he has made, reveal that OnePlus’s new phone could be introduced on April 14. This date, first shared on a website called “TechRadar”, was confirmed by Agarwal.

This is not Agarwal’s only claim about the OnePlus 8 Pro. Allegedly, the OnePlus 8 Pro will come with 30-watt reverse wireless charging support. The new OnePlus 8 Pro will be able to charge any phone with wireless charging support built into it with 30 Watt output power.

OnePlus brings a normal and Pro model to consumers, just like other companies use on their smartphones. In this context, it is possible that OnePlus will announce the 8 models with the 8 Pro. However, there has been no development related to OnePlus 8 so far.

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