OnePlus 30W Wireless Charging Reveals Information About Warp Charge 30


Although the products featured in OnePlus’s pop-up event will be OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, the company will also introduce the new wireless charger. New information about Warp Charge, which will provide 30 W wireless charging, has emerged.

With the development of smartphones, accessories accompanying them also developed. More advanced phones require larger batteries, while larger batteries require faster charging.

Wireless chargers are not yet as fast as their wired versions, but they are developing quite quickly. The speed of the wireless chargers managed to reach 30W. This is at least as far as we know.

Full charge in 80 minutes
Warp Charge 30 wireless charging pad, which is one of the products that OnePlus will introduce in the pop-up event together with the new OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, reaches 30W speed. According to TechDroider, where the information has emerged, OnePlus 8 Pro will reach 50% charge in 30 minutes thanks to fast charging. It will only take 80 minutes to fully charge the phone.

OnePlus also added a cooling fan to prevent the charger from overheating unnecessarily. This fan turns off automatically at night thanks to artificial intelligence based sleep mode. The device also includes dust protection and overheating protections.

Wireless charging will only be used on OnePlus 8 Pro
If we look at the previous rumors, OnePlus’s new wireless charger will be exclusive to OnePlus 8 Pro only, and there will be no wireless charging support on the OnePlus 8. We also do not know whether Warp Charge 30 can be used in combination with other wireless charging models.

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OnePlus’s new wireless charger will be available in European Union countries with a price tag of 70 euros. The company will also introduce its Bullets Wireless Z headphones. These headphones will be a more affordable version of Bullets Wireless 2 headphones already on the market.


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