Onefootball: how to use the app to watch online games


The way of watching football matches has changed for the Brazilian public, including on mobile devices. Now, for example, the fan has a totally free option to watch the live matches of some of the most important leagues in Europe on a tablet or smartphone.

It is based on Onefootball, a completely free application that started with a central information and news about games around the world, but also became a transmission platform – including some narrator and commented games in Portuguese.

Checking which games are broadcast and enjoying the live view of the matches is easy. Next, find out exactly what you need to do to make the most of the service.

What is Onefootball?

In summary, the application is a news and data center for anyone who is a fan of the sport likes to follow everything about football on a daily basis. It is available for free to use and download on Android and iOS.

The basic and original functions of the platform involve displaying news, leaderboards, comments, lineups and other details about games from all over the world, including less popular championships. You can even choose favorite teams or teams to receive notifications about news directly related to the teams.

What games are broadcast?

Currently, Onefootball has the broadcasting rights for tournaments in two countries: France and Germany.

The highlights are the first two divisions of the Bundesliga, the German Championship, in addition to the French Championship, called the Ligue 1 Uber Eats. Except that Onefootball also moves up to the fourth division of German football, in case you are curious or sympathetic or with a local team.

How to watch?

After downloading and installing Onefootball on your tablet or mobile phone, open the app and select the team and country of your heart. Then, even without creating an account, it is already possible to watch a match.

To do this, go to the item “Games”, located in the bottom menu of the application. Then, tap “Watch” to find out which matches have been confirmed by the app.

Did you find the match you were looking for? Then go to “Watch” to be directed to the broadcast screen. Some of the games include narration and in Portuguese, but most games are in English.

In the case of the most important exhibitions, the Bundesliga team includes narration by Dudu Monsanto (ex-ESPN and currently on DAZN) and comments by Gerd Wenzel, one of the greatest football authorities in the German lands in the country.

In addition to the video, you can also check the move by move, the lineups and statistics of the match. If you do not want to miss the time, you can still activate a notification that warns the user moments before the opening whistle. To do this, check the “Set a warning” option on the transmission screen.

It is worth remembering that the exhibition only applies to the live broadcast – that is, you cannot see the game in its entirety after it has ended. In addition, the display is only released 15 minutes before the start of the game and it is only possible to see the match via mobile or tablet.

In games that have already been played and had an exhibition, you can see the best moments of the match in a short video.


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