One Word Allegedly “Shocked” Jada Pinkett Smith From Chris Rock’s Netflix Special


Chris Rock has hit the headlines again with his “Selective Outrage” on Netflix. The 94th Academy Awards ceremony recently wrapped up its anniversary, as did the infamous incident that occurred between Will Smith and Rock over a joke the comedian made about Jada Pinkett-Smith. However, he took out all his outbursts in his Netflix special, but it could have upset the 51-year-old.

Apparently, the 58-year-old comedian used the word “bitch” to the actress Set It Off, which angered her. Will Smith’s wife was shocked by how often Rock called her obscenities. Moreover, she feels offended by his statements that she had previously prevented him from holding the Oscar ceremony.


The South Carolina comedian and the Smith family were close friends before the incident. While the King Richard actor regretted slapping him at the Oscars, Rock didn’t say much about it until he got the stage. But once he started, there was no stopping him. Although his outrage included a small section at the end about the slap, he spoke wholeheartedly about the couple and their affairs.

What else did Chris Rock say about Judd Pinkett and Will Smith?

The “Down-to-Earth” actor planned a thoughtful move with his Netflix Special, as he was silent for a whole year before saying anything. It seemed like he was waiting for the right moment and was going to release all his rage at once. His venue was Baltimore, Jada Pinkett’s hometown, and he intentionally walked out about a year after the incident.

He also talked about the strange marital relationship of the Smith couple. Rock made fun of how they discussed the 51-year-old actress’ relationship history with August Alsina on her Red Table Talk show. The comedian commented on both her strange relationship with her son’s friend and the open discussion of this issue.

However, a source told People that the Baltimore actress plays no role in the ongoing tension between her husband and the “Death at a Funeral” actor. In fact, the source said that it is Rock who is obsessed with her, and this too has been for more than thirty years.

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