One UI 3.0 to Be Released This Month


Samsung will start releasing One UI 3.0, the new interface it has developed for smartphones and tablets, from this month. The company posted some of the features of the new interface on its website before launching the updates.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has announced the features of One UI 3.0, the most up-to-date version of the interface it has developed for its smartphones and announced when it will be distributed to which smartphones.

Publishing a page for One UI 3.0 titled “Delightful experiences you design”, Samsung talks about how users will experience a smartphone with the latest version of One UI.

Rethinking the quick settings, notification panel and lock screen design with One UI 3.0, Samsung said, “With the Improved Quick panel, you can seamlessly switch between your music and videos. In addition, thanks to the improved Notification panel, you can access more information with a single glance even when the phone is locked, and you can easily check the messages of different applications from a single point. ” explains in the form.

Another feature that Samsung has heard about is dynamic lock screen wallpapers. Thanks to this feature, you will see a different lock screen wallpaper every time you turn on your smartphone’s screen. Of course, it is up to you to turn the dynamic lock screen wallpaper feature on and off.

With One UI 3, users will be able to use AR Emoji avatars as well as their real images while making video calls. Thus, video interviews can be made much more ‘fun’.

When will One UI 3.0 be released?

The new features are good, but the main thing is, when will One UI 3.0 be released to which devices? Starting this month, Samsung will gradually start releasing the One UI 3.0 update to Galaxy S20 and then Galaxy Note 20 models.

After Galaxy S20 and Note 20 models, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Tab S7 models and Galaxy Z Fold 2 are expected to receive One UI 3.0. Samsung will start releasing the One UI 3.0 update to older and mid-range phones after the current flagship smartphones and tablets.


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