One Tree Hill: Chad Michael Murray Says He’s Thinking About Rebooting The Series


One Tree Hill: Actor and director Chad Michael Murray, who played Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill, commented in an interview with E! News that he “can’t imagine” that a reboot of the series will not happen, and said he was thinking of ways to produce a sequel. According to him, it would be interesting to see a “new generation” of characters, addressing current issues.

Murray told E! that he has “an idea jumping into his head” to reboot the program. “There are so many things now that are very different from what they were in the beginning. So you can solve problems related to kids and people that [they] are dealing with in high school today,” he said.

The show’s star said it was just a matter of “finding the right team” and getting the cast to focus on the project, as “everyone has their hands on so many other things” but then just “get everyone together and get started “.

And the old cast?

Murray also claimed to keep in touch with the series’ original cast through a group of text messages. According to him, at Christmas, he usually receives more than 60 notifications from colleagues. “When you look at your phone and you have 64 messages: Wait, I don’t know that many people. Oh, okay, it’s all of them,” he joked.

Furthermore, the actor commented that the group plans to reunite in Paris soon, as “France has a very fanatical fan base”. He even joked that it’s good that the date happens soon, “since, as you can see, I’m getting a little gray”.

For fans who miss the series, One Tree Hill is available on Globoplay.