One step closer to Microsoft Bethesda


In September 2020, Microsoft acquired Zenimax Media and acquired one of its subsidiaries, Bethesda. No matter how much he bought, such purchases in the US must be approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). When this happens, the purchasing process of the companies becomes final. Recently, the SEC approved Microsoft’s purchase of Zenimax Media, and all that remains is the European Commission’s approval.

The only obstacle for Microsoft is the European Commission

Only the European Commission remained as the last hurdle Microsoft had to overcome. The purchase must be approved by the European Commission. In addition, it is stated that the state-side “Activity Statement” files have been prepared in recent weeks. The Activity Statement is a document that contains and confirms the details of the purchase, including the $ 7.5 Billion purchase price. Microsoft is still waiting for the European Commission’s decision.

The session was held publicly, to ensure that the antitrust regulators ratify the deal and ensure it does not violate the rules on industry competition. If the European Commission approves the acquisition, Zenimax Media is officially part of Microsoft. Also, after Microsoft bought Zenimax Media, it established a studio called “Vault”. Microsoft will gather Zenimax Media and all its subsidiaries under Vault.


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