One quote from the Joker refutes the biggest fan theory about his insanity


Gotham’s most famous criminal, the Joker, proved the fallacy of one of the most popular theories about his insanity with one quote. The Joker’s rivalry with Batman is one of the most famous battles in comic book history. The two have been fighting for decades, being complete opposites. That’s what makes their fights interesting. Thanks to Batman’s commitment to order and ridding Gotham of crime, the Joker is his exact opposite, given how chaotic and angry he is. However, people have been speculating about the Joker’s condition for years, wondering if the two would really be enemies if the Joker hadn’t gone crazy.

For fans of the Clown Prince of the underworld, one of the biggest theories about the Joker is that it is his madness that drives the rivalry between him and Batman. Before he got into a vat of acid in one of his most famous origin stories, Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s “Killer Joke,” he seemed like a completely different person. There is no hatred in his heart for anyone. Just a struggling future father trying to provide for his family. This would mean that the Joker wouldn’t be who he is if it wasn’t for his insanity showing that the villain is speaking his twisted mind and not who he used to be. However, one Batman story shows that this is not the case at all.

In Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan’s short story “Batman: Cacophony,” the Joker is kept in the Arkham Asylum, which he helped create with drugs that make him more balanced. This gives Batman the opportunity to talk to the person he thinks is hiding inside the Joker, hoping to help him get rid of his obsession with Batman. However, while talking to this drugged Joker, he utters one quote that completely refutes this theory. The Joker tells Batman: “I don’t hate you because I’m crazy. I’m crazy because I hate you.” This shows that the Joker’s insanity is not at all the driving force behind his obsession, because he has always hated Batman.

This is a pretty crushing blow to Batman. Considering that earlier in the story he saved the Joker because he didn’t want to see another person die, his heroism meets the shocking truth about the Joker. His insanity actually enhances his true feelings for Batman, making him much more eccentric and outlandish in the role of a supervillain who implements his plans to finally rid the world of the man he hates. This is the moment that confirms to Batman that the Joker will never let him go. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he always resented him. It won’t change anything whether he can give the Joker the help he needs or not. The Joker will always only want to see Batman dead, regardless of his mental state.

Since the battle between Batman and the Joker is confirmed to continue as long as the hero and the villain are alive, this is a pretty serious hole in the biggest theory behind his madness. For many years, people believed that the Joker became a completely new person after he got into acid, completely transformed from the person he was. Everything he’s ever done as a Joker has been said by this new face, not by who he used to be. With this one quote, this whole theory was officially wiped off the face of the earth, because the Joker showed that he could be crazy, but deep down he always hated Batman and would stop at nothing to come out victorious, whether he was a clown prince of the underworld. or not.


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