One Punch Man finally confirms the true strength of its main character


Spoilers for Chapter 166 of One-Punch Man ahead!

After being teased, he appeared briefly and then disappeared again, Vanpanchmen’s number one hero Blast is back, and this time he’s here to fight for real. But will this main character be able to match the mysticism? Surprisingly, he can.

Blast is mentioned as the main character of Class S at the beginning of chapter 30, but he does not appear for the first time, except in flashbacks, until chapter 139. He first appears when Saitama, Flashy Flash and Oculette touch a mysterious cube. which puts them in contact with an evil God who is plotting to destroy humanity. He offers them power, but an Explosion appears and prevents any of them from accepting it. He takes the cube with him, presumably to protect it, but strangely enough, he doesn’t care about the bloody battle with the Monster Association taking place outside. It is also shown that he has a team of other superpowered people he works with. Despite all this, the only power that Blast uses is an interdimensional portal, but his aesthetics suggest that he is more of a technological hero than a mystical one.

When Garu reaches his highest power on his own, his battle with Saitama in chapter 166 is registered by the Explosion sensors as posing a threat to the planet, and he immediately goes to stop it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t arrive in time to prevent the Garou from accepting God’s offer of power, and the newly crowned form of the Awakened Garou emerges: Cosmic Terror, emitting the deadliest radiation in the universe. With other S-class heroes (other than Bang) suffering from this radiation, Blast is one of the few who can be fought. After trying to reason with Garu, Blast begins to take revenge, using his portals in an incredible way to lure Garu into a trap, and almost succeeds.

The first Blast attack literally conjures up an image of the infinity symbol, suggesting that its true power may be completely limitless. Explosion abilities are based on spatial warping, which involves manipulating gravity. Like Saitama, Blast seems to be very concerned about the possible consequences of using his full strength, which is a fair problem when dealing with the fundamental forces of the universe. On the other hand, Garou also has the universal power of a God, so the Explosion has no choice but to use all the power. As for what is essentially a representation of his character, Blast lives up to expectations. He is smart, insanely strong, and even sympathizes with Gar, admitting that he is being controlled, and tries to spare him in the hope that he can still be saved.

The chapter ends with an angry Saitama and Garu coming face to face, which can lead to disastrous consequences. One-Punch Man has been in a series of incredible chapters, perfectly capturing these battles between beings with godlike power as they play with the forces of the universe. But if Earth (and the One-Punch Man manga) continues, Blast must show all his power before it’s too late.