One Player Completes Even Minecraft Without Digging a Single Block


Do you think that the aim of Minecraft is to dig something and build something? One player was able to finish the game without digging a single block.

Minecraft means digging craft. If you look at the name, you might think that this is the essence of the game. Even one of the most famous figures of the game is digging brightly colored.

One player was able to complete the game with some explosive, solid reflexes and luck, without digging a single block. All you have to do is loot a few towns.

The player, Hedgey, started the game from town to town on foot and collected everything that wasn’t fixed to a wall. This included breads, apples, pieces of armor, seeds and many other things.

Sunken ships, cursed pyramids, the player managed to collect quite a lot of material, the dead Creeper’s TNT’s own arms while shooting the Creeper’s does not neglect to use.

Using a well-planned micro-resource management, the player manages to progress in the game for a long time. The player who managed to find the right portal after killing some Enderman manages to complete the game.

With a water bucket and lots of explosives, this adventure is over after a Jackie Chan model end-of-the-monster fight. You can see the most important moments in the video below.

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