One Piece: Why Mero Mero no Mi is so Special


One Piece 1059 recently dropped out and made some important revelations regarding Boa Hancock and the Emperor of the Sea, Blackbeard. Fans saw what happened on Amazon Lily after the dissolution of the Warlord system. As seen in One Piece 956, the Fleet surrounded the Island of Women, and the Kuja were preparing for battle. In this chapter, fans saw how the Kuja engaged the Fleet, and the latter used his new weapon, called the Seraphim, in battle. More importantly, Blackbeard suddenly appeared on the island in search of Hancock’s Devil Fruit.

This is rather strange, since Blackbeard would have no reason to hunt Hancock fruits unless they were special. It has already become known that he is hunting for extremely rare fruits that make him and his team incredibly powerful. So far, Mero Mero no Mi has not shown any special properties, despite the fact that it is quite powerful. However, this Devil Fruit may be something more than it seems at first glance, and it is quite possible that it possesses one of the greatest powers in the world of One Piece.

The forces of Mero Maro no Mi

To discuss why this fruit is so special, fans should take a look at the powers it currently possesses. Mero Mero no Mi debuted during the Amazon Lily arc when Boa Hancock was met by Vice Admiral Momonga and his team. In a matter of seconds, she almost killed all the members of his team with her abilities, turning them into stone and forcing Momonga to incapacitate herself. Soon after, the power of the fruit was explained to the fans. Anyone attracted to Hancock, regardless of their gender, can be petrified by her powers simply by touching the beam known as Mero Mero Mellow. Only Hancock can bring them back to normal, and even if she dies, the condition of the petrified remains the same.

At the same time, it is extremely interesting to learn that Hancock has other abilities that make her even more dangerous. While Mero Mero Mellow allows her to turn to stone those she is attracted to, other techniques such as Perfume Femur, Slave Arrow and Pistol Kiss allow her to turn to stone even those she is not attracted to. This was seen when Hancock could turn inanimate objects and even pacifists into stone with her ability.

Thus, it is quite obvious that Mero Mero no Mi is a special Devil fruit and, of course, very strong. Blackbeard said in One Piece 1059 that she could even turn him into stone despite him being one of Them, so he had to sneak grab her before she could defeat him. Although this already makes this Devil Fruit quite strong, the true nature of this ability may be something even more dangerous.

How Hancock Acquired Maro Maro no Mi

Hancock’s acquisition of Mero Mero no Mi is linked to her tragic past. As fans already know, Hancock was abducted and sold into slavery when she was a child, along with her two sisters. She turned out to be a slave of the Heavenly Dragons, who used her and her sisters for entertainment. At some point, all three of them were fed devilish fruits just for fun. However, the choice of the Devil Fruits that they force-fed is quite interesting. Boa Sandersonia got Hebi Hebi no Mi, model: Anaconda, and Boa Marigold got Hebi Hebi no Mi, model: King Cobra. Both Devil fruits are associated with snakes.

Interestingly, Hancock was given Mero Mero no Mi, which is very different from the other two, no matter how you look. While the other two are Zoan, Hancock’s fetus is Paramecia. Being Heavenly Dragons, it makes sense for them to know exactly what fruits they extract and give to others. However, they chose another fruit just for Hancock, which is quite strange and opens the door to an intriguing possibility. Perhaps Hancock’s Devil Fruit is not Mero Maro no Mi as fans know it.

True name of Maro Maro no Mi

Mero Mero no Mi was introduced to fans as a Diabolical Paramecium-type fruit, and his power really looks like that. However, it is strange for the Heavenly Dragons to give two Zoan powers to the Gorgon Sisters and allow one to be a Paramecia that is completely different from the other two. At the same time, the special nature of this Devil fruit makes it very desirable.

This was noticed when Blackbeard himself was trying to hunt the Devil Fruit. However, why would Blackbeard need a devil fruit that he can’t even use at his best because of his appearance? It is also interesting to note that Blackbeard himself claimed that he had been waiting patiently to track down this power for many years, which means that there is definitely something special about this fruit.


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