One Piece: Why Marines are Overrated, Explanation


The Sentinels are one of the Three Great Forces in the One Piece world. They are connected with the World Government, and their main goal is to stop all criminals in the world. They helped the World Government by getting rid of people who could pose a threat to their authority. The Marines are led by the Admiral of the Fleet, and he has full authority over every soldier.

The current admiral of the fleet is Akainu, who was promoted after winning the battle with Aokiji. Under Akainu’s leadership, the lookouts became much more ruthless and actively tried to hunt pirates. Over time, the Marines have gained a reputation for invincibility, but this is not the case, in fact, there are many One Piece characters who are stronger than the Fleet Admiral and Admirals. In addition to the lack of strength, the Sea Watchers are not saints at all, as they claim.


Although the Marines claim that they seek to serve and protect people, in many cases they have attacked and killed innocent people. In the past, when the alarm was announced on Ohara, the Marines attacked many scientists. In addition, when the remaining citizens were evacuated to the ship, Akainu ordered his troops to destroy it. Akaina didn’t care about the innocent people on the ship, he just wanted to bring the matter to an end with his “Absolute Justice”.

When the Straw Hat Pirates were still in East Blue, they encountered Nezumi, an extremely corrupt captain of the Marine Patrol. He was on good terms with Arlong, and the latter was giving him bribes to hide his actions. Arlong’s relationship with Nezumi allowed him to terrorize the people living in the village of Kokoyashi without any interference from the Sentinels. Since Arlong’s actions were kept secret, his reward was only 20,000,000 beri, which would otherwise have been much higher. These are just a few cases where Marines have abused their authority and harmed innocent people.

Massively unimpressive

The Lookouts have many strong fighters, such as Akainu, Garp and three admirals. Garp is undoubtedly still very strong and is probably the only character who can fight him. Garp is the most decorated Marine, and no one comes near him. Akainu was humiliated by an old and sick Belous, and there is no way that his strength will increase enough so that he can defeat him in battle.

Many fans did not notice how Belous defeated Akaina, and they still believed that the Admirals of the Sea Patrol were as powerful as they were, however, in the arc of the Country of Vano, their headcanon turned out to be wrong. When Admiral Ryokugyu attacked Momonosuke and the Scabbard, Shanks was nearby and used the Conqueror’s Hacks. The explosion of Khaki Shanks scared the admiral and forced him to stop his attacks. Ryokugyu admitted that he did not want to fight with the Pirates of the Red-Haired One, and left. This incident proves once again that the admirals are far from the level of the Military.

Using Citibook

Before its dissolution, the Citibukai were one of the Three Great Forces. They were made up of pirates who were considered strong enough by the Marines to make a difference in important battles. The world government offered them many amenities in exchange for their services, which led to many pirates actively trying to get this position.

However, the system was flawed, and the Citibukai often abused their power. For example, a Crocodile in Alabasta and a Doflamingo in a Dress Rose. Crocodile almost took over the entire nation of Alabasta, while Doflamingo successfully put an end to the rule of Riku. In both cases, the Patrollers tried to hide their actions, but after Luffy exposed Doflamingo, they could no longer cover their tracks. Many people, including Admiral Fujitora, were against the Citibukai system, and it was finally abolished at a recent Level.

Why do they still exist

One of the most frequent questions fans ask is: if the Marines are so weak, then why don’t they destroy them completely? There are many reasons why the Sentinels managed to stay in power, and one of them is the enmity between them. They don’t like each other, and they are always looking for opportunities to beat each other. The fierce competition between them would not allow them to unite against the Sentinels, but if two of them tried to make contact, the Sentinels would try to do everything in their power to disrupt their meeting. This has happened twice in the series so far.

For the first time, the two Teams met each other right after the arch of the Enies Lobby. The Marines tried to prevent them from meeting each other, but they failed.


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