One Piece: Why Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika is Perfect for Luffy


The Vano Country Arch is undoubtedly the best arch in One Piece. It is filled with a lot of action and an epic story that ensures that readers will be on their toes all the time. In the arch, readers were able to witness an epic battle between the Worst Generation, Kaido and Big Mama. The fights throughout the arc were amazing, and once they are animated, fans will be able to relive them. In addition to the fights that took place in the arch, there were many revelations that shocked the entire fan base.

The biggest revelation concerned Luffy’s devil fruit. From the very beginning, it was believed that Luffy ate Goma Goma no Mi, and it was believed that it was a devil fruit of the paramecium type, but towards the end of Luffy’s battle with Kaido, it turned out that Goma Goma no Mi is actually a mythical devil fruit of the zoan type, named Hito Hito no Mi, model: Nika. This was a huge shock not only for the characters of the series, but also for fans who had the impression that there was nothing special about the devil fruit of Luffy. In recently translated notes, the creator of One Piece, Eyichiro Oda, talked about Hito Hito no Mi, model: Nika, and how it can be used to the fullest.

Works on creativity

Oda mentioned that Hito Hito no Mi, model: Nika, can be fully used by a creative person. Oda said that a better imagination allows the user to use his power better. This makes Luffy the perfect owner of the devil fruit, since there is hardly another person who has the same imagination in handling the devil fruit as Luffy. After Luffy struggled to defeat opponents on the Grand Line, he used his imagination to create various mechanisms. The first mechanism Luffy used was the Second Mechanism, and it debuted in the manga during the Enies Lobby arc.

Luffy used the Second Gear in a fight against Blueno, a member of CP9. To use the Second Gear, Luffy increases blood flow to the whole body, which causes his body to increase its intake of oxygen and other nutrients. Initially, Luffy couldn’t maintain the Second Gear for a long period of time, but with each arch his control improved, and eventually he reached a point where Luffy could use it without any problems.

Further gear improvement

Luffy did not stop at the Second Gear, he continued to make other mechanisms, and his Third Gear was also shown in the arch of the Enies Lobby. Luffy pumps air into a certain part of his body, as a result of which this part increases. In the Third Gear, Luffy’s body size is comparable to that of a giant. This technique also had its drawbacks, as Luffy was shrinking in size, which made him vulnerable, but with the help of training, Luffy managed to overcome this weakness.

The first two transmissions were developed before the timeskip, while the others were introduced in the story after Luffy and his team entered the New World. During the two-year timeskip, Luffy carefully trained under the guidance of Silvers Reilly to understand the concept of the Hack and its application. It was at this time that Luffy developed the Fourth Gear. The fourth Gear is a combination of Luffy using the power of his devil fruit with Haki Weapons. While the devil fruit increased his strength and speed, the Armament Hacks offered additional protection and strength to fight other devil fruit users. Unlike the first two gears, the Fourth mechanism has three different modes — Connected, Tankman and Coil.

In Boundman, Luffy’s upper body grows in size and is covered in Khaki. Luffy also gives his legs Khaki, which makes him unable to stand still and makes him bounce constantly. The Tankman is more defensive compared to the Bound One. In this form, the size of Luffy’s torso increases exponentially, while the rest of his body is almost unchanged. Luffy used Tankman in battle against Charlotte Cracker, who couldn’t do damage to Luffy in this form. The third and final type of the Fourth Gear is the Snake Man. This mode is extremely agile, and Luffy’s attack speed increases several times. He was able to hit Charlotte Katakuri with attacks, which led to the first ever defeat of Sweet Commander.

The pinnacle of power

The fifth Hydro is the result of the awakening of Hito Hito no Mi, model: Nika. Luffy awakened his devil fruit after Kaido defeated him on the roof. In this form, Luffy’s hair and clothes turn white, and white clouds float around his neck. The color of his eyes also changes, and his eyebrows become curled. The fifth Gear increases Luffy’s strength to a whole new level. Luffy can make his surroundings rubbery, which gives him extra protection that allows him to deflect Kaido’s attacks back on himself.

In addition to getting stronger, Luffy also gains more freedom of movement, which allows him to use his devil fruit inventively.


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