One Piece: Why Buggy Deserves More Praise


The diverse cast of One Piece characters is one of the best things about the series. Each character has their own role, which makes the series special as a whole. Usually, characters with great power are able to attract the attention of fans, but in One Piece, most of the characters are so well written that they are able to charm the audience regardless of their strength.

When it was confirmed that Buggy would be joining Luffy as one of the characters, it was received ambiguously, since Buggy doesn’t even come close to matching the level of the characters, but there are certain things that set him apart as a character and why he deserves it. more credit.

Great comic relief

Buggy was mainly used as a comic character to take the gravity of the situation off, but at the time of his appearance Buggy seemed the furthest thing from a funny character. The buggy was heavily promoted by characters who called it extremely dangerous. Eventually, a few episodes after his debut, it became clear that Buggy would not be used as a serious character.

It didn’t take long for Buggy’s antics to win over fans, and it turned him into one of the most adored characters. In addition to playing the main antagonist in the Orange City Arch, Buggy also participated in the Logtown Arch, where he was on the verge of killing Luffy. However, by the will of fate, Luffy was saved, and Buggy was left in a rage again. Shortly after the incident, the Buggy was captured by the Marine patrol and placed in Impel Down. Fortunately, Buggy managed to escape from Impel Down with Luffy’s help. During the escape, Buggy had a lot of followers, and they considered him their savior. Buggy became the savior as a result of a big misunderstanding, and, oddly enough, it only got worse.

After Luffy’s group finally reached Marinford, they immediately realized that they were in a dangerous situation and it was impossible to make a mistake. In the midst of all the bloodshed, Buggy again managed to maintain lightness with his actions. Everything Buggy did was obviously stupid, but his followers were too blind to see the deception. By the end of the arc, Buggy managed to impress the whole world.

Promotion with insufficient service

After the end of the War at the highest level, the world was preparing to enter a new era. One of the many changes that took place in history concerned the Citybooks. The Citibukai had lost several members, and the Lookouts needed to fill the open positions with new candidates. They anointed three new Citybooks—Trafalgar Low, Edward Weevil and Buggy. The first candidates made a name for themselves because of their strength, but to see someone like Buggy was quite strange.

It turned out to be a great opportunity for Buggy, and he used it to the fullest. He opened his own delivery service, which eventually became quite successful. Buggy hired pirates and mercenaries and sent them on various missions for money. Oddly enough, the image of Buggy’s subordinates stronger than him continued even after the timeskip, since many of the Buggy workers were stronger than him. However, because Buggy was a Citybook, they considered him extremely strong. On top of that, Citibukai’s status gave Buggy full immunity, so he could do whatever he wanted. The decision to start a mercenary service proved how smart Buggy really was, as he used his reputation to hire people who were the best fighters.

Rise up as a Hero

There are several reasons why someone like Buggy managed to become a Leader. Firstly, he is the leader of a dangerous group of criminals trapped inside Impel Down. Secondly, Buggy used his intelligence and made a name for himself. He made the most of Citibukai’s position, which is extremely commendable. Thirdly, Buggy is connected with Roger’s pirates, and if this secret is revealed, it will significantly increase his reputation. Besides, the world government can’t ignore Buggy’s friendship with Shanks. Finally, Buggy created the Cross Guild, a special organization consisting of Buggy, Crocodile and Mihok.

Obviously, Buggy is not as strong as either of the two former Citibucks, but if it was his idea to award awards to Marines, then he deserves more respect. It’s a simple idea, but considering there are more pirates than Marines, it’s actually pretty reasonable. By assigning rewards for all the Patrollers, Buggy guaranteed that it would not be easy for them. The Marines will be pursued by all the criminals of the world.


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