One Piece: Who is closest to a ridiculous story?


When the arch of the Country of Vano came to an end, One Piece made a giant leap to its completion. The race for the legendary One Piece treasure is heating up, and there are many who want to get it. For a long time there was a possibility that One Piece does not exist, and it is not a treasure, but something abstract. Belous’ last words in Marinford dispelled almost all doubts about One Piece, since an abstract thing cannot shake the whole world, so it must be something materialistic.

At the moment, fans have no idea what this treasure is, and this secret will not be revealed in the near future. There has been a debate in the past that there will be a war in One Piece after the treasure is found, but Oda reiterated that the story will end as soon as someone gets to the treasure. So, the important question is, who is closest to the “Story of Laughter”?

The worst generation

The worst generation continues to shock the world again and again with its power. In particular, three members of the Worst Generation stood out in the arch of the Vano Country. They were: Monk D. Luffy, Eustace Kid and Trafalgar Law. Kid and Lo managed to get the better of Big Mama and put an end to her reign as a Mother.

They had to work hard to defeat Big Mama, but the devil fruit of Lo came in handy. On the roof, Luffy participated in a terrible duel with Kaido, a battle that decided Vano’s future. While they were engrossed in their duel, a member of CP0 sneaked onto the roof and distracted Luffy, which allowed Kaido to deliver a powerful blow. Kaido declared himself the winner of the battle, but he did not know that Luffy had awakened his devil fruit and that the battle was far from over.

With his newfound strength, Luffy defeated Kaido once and for all, sending him to a pit with magma, where he rested with Big Mama. When the three carriages started to leave Vano, Lo gave Kid a copy of the road poneglyph, which made everything even more interesting. Currently, the Straw Hat Pirates have three out of four road poneglyphs, which puts them in the lead. Pirates of the Heart and Pirates of the Kid have two.

While it’s true that Luffy has an advantage over his fellow Supernovae, Lo and Kid seem to be aware of the “burn scar man”, which Kid says gives them an advantage over Luffy. It remains to find out who this mysterious person is, and several theories are already floating around. The most plausible explanation would be that the mystery man would be someone who went to Laugh Tale in the past, which narrows it down to Roger’s Pirates. A common theory is that it could have been a Scopper Gaban.


Members of the Worst Generation aren’t the only ones hunting for One Piece. One of the biggest names looking for treasure is Shanks. When Shanks sailed with Roger’s Pirates, he did not go to Laf Tail, as he decided to stay with Buggy, who was ill.

Since Roger’s Pirates disbanded, Shanks has made a name for himself, and he is currently perhaps the strongest character in the series. In the last chapters of the Arc of the Country, Vano Shanks talked with Ben Beckman about how to pick up One Piece. It is safe to say that Shanks is not going to sit idly by while others try to claim the great treasure. Judging by the manner in which Shanks talked to his assistant, it seems that Shanks does not need to collect road pongelifs, so he can just go to a Fairy Tale of Laughter.

Another person who has followed the incidents taking place around the world is Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard. He managed to become a Leader in a very short period of time thanks to his impeccable planning. He had carefully planned to become a Citibukai by handing Luffy over to the Lookouts, but he had to make adjustments after Ace tried to stop him. However, Blackbeard eventually became a Citybook, offering Ace to the fleet, and then proceeded to invade Impel Down with his team.

Blackbeard stole Gura Gura no Mi Belous, which elevated him above most of the characters in terms of strength. After the war, he went face to face with the remnants of the Belous Pirates and defeated them to take the place left by Belous. Blackbeard has not participated in the history of the last few arches, but has appeared from time to time, so fans still don’t know much about him, including his plans.

But considering the fact that Belous scolded him in Marinford, it seems that Blackbeard is also interested in treasures. The location of one road poneglyph remains unknown, so many believe that it may be in the possession of Blackbeard.


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