One Piece: The fate of Boa Hancock revealed


One of the best-selling manga in the world, One Piece by Eyichiro Oda has been gaining momentum since its debut in 1997. Recently, the Vano arch ended in the series, and with it the whole saga of Yoyo, which began with the Zou arch.

In the latest addition to the story, in chapter 1059 of One Piece, readers were greeted by old favorite characters, especially Boa Hancock, whom fans have not seen for a very long time. After the cancellation of the Citibukai system, fans saw how old characters were reintroduced in the main story, such as Sir Crocodile and Dracul Mihok, who jointly created a Cross-guild. Now Boa Hancock, the empress of pirates, as well as the leader of the female pirate team Kuja, comes on the scene. Previously, Oda had teased her that she was in danger, and this chapter finally gave everyone an answer to her fate.

Cancellation of the Citibukai system

The Sitibukai, or Seven Warlords of the Sea, were a group of seven pirates associated with the World Government for their own good. Along with the Military and the Marine, they were the Three Great Forces that kept the world in balance. Recently, during the Arc of Dreams, the new Admiral Fujitora went to the council on a mission to abolish the Citibukai system after two of its members, Sir Crocodile and Quixote Doflamingo, were arrested for committing terrible crimes and using their Citibukai titles to satisfy their atrocities in Alabasta. and Dress Rose accordingly. The cancellation proposed by the Admiral was accepted, and in Chapter 956 Fujitora achieved his goal.

With this escalation of events, it now means that the Citibukai, whose rewards were previously frozen, are now being threatened again by the Sea Watchers. In retaliation for this, some former Citybooks, in particular Sir Crocodile, Dracul Mihok and Buggy the Clown, formed a Cross-guild and began to assign rewards for the heads of the watchmen. Boa Hancock, a former Citibukai until its dissolution, received a reward, which has been frozen since her first sailing, in the amount of 80,000,000 berries. Obviously, this was not a reward reflecting the power of the Pirate Empress, as seen in the very last chapter.

Current events around Hancock

In the most recent chapter, 1059, fans finally saw the Island of Women, Amazon Lily, home to the Kuja Pirates led by Boa Hancock. Hancock and Kuja last appeared in Chapter 956, almost 3 years ago. So this chapter was very refreshing for many readers as it shifted the focus from the Straw Hat Pirates to the rest of the world. As expected, Hancock and the Lookouts ran into each other on Amazon Lily, where she had to stop the fleet sent by the Lookouts, led by Kobi the Hero. Although there were no problems with the fleet, the real problem turned out to be the Seraphim, the little children who were reassembling Hancock and Mihok. At the same time, Blackbeard and his team arrived on the island to kill Hancock and take possession of her Devil Fruit.

Living up to her title, Hancock fought well and turned everyone to stone, including the two commanders of Blackbeard’s team, but was caught off guard by Blackbeard himself. In the end, Reilly’s arrival proved crucial as he rescued her and negotiated with all parties, saving the day in the process. Blackbeard accepted Rayleigh’s demands in exchange for Hancock returning his men from their stone state. However, he took Kobi hostage with him. In this chapter, fans also saw the new Boa Hancock award, on whose head 1,659,000,000 berries were placed. This is especially impressive as her reward does not increase compared to large organizations like Cross Guild. Fans also learned that Shakki accompanied him and, moreover, is the former leader of the Kuja Pirates and the Amazon Empress Lily two generations ago. Hancock admitted that while she lives on the island, Marines will arrive there.

The Future of Boa Hancock

Hancock is safe for now. However, her future remains uncertain as she cannot stay on Amazon Lily for long. After Blackbeard left her island, it became clear to her that she could not stay on Amazon Lily and put everyone at risk. Naturally, the Marines don’t want to let her rest until she is captured because of her strength and the powerful Devil fruit, Mero Mero no Mi, which even Blackbeard was after. With that in mind, she might well decide to sail with the rest of the Kuja to join forces with Monky D. Luffy.

It’s possible that Hancock will join the Great Straw Hat Fleet, especially considering how Hancock would like to meet Luffy again after a long time.


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