One Piece: Rocky Port Incident, explanation


In the One Piece time skip, all the main characters of the story from the younger generation took the next step and became stronger. Fans have seen the Straw Hat Pirates train on their islands to prepare for the dangers of the New World and challenge the likes of Heroes and Fleet admirals. Others, such as Kid and Aruj, went to the New World to face its challenges and become stronger.

Thus, timeskip paved the way for the growth of almost all the characters of the next generation in the series, and one of these incidents turned out to be an important turning point in the careers of two characters — Trafalgar Lo from the worst generation and Kobi from the Marines. This incident, called the Rocky Port Incident, can easily be called one of the largest events that occurred during the timeskip of history.

What happened in Rocky Port?

Rocky Port is certainly an important place in the One Piece world where this incident occurred. It is believed that this incident was committed by none other than Trafalgar Lowe, one of the members of the Worst Generation. At that time, Lo had a reward of 200 million berries. He had already made a name for himself in North Blue and was known as the Surgeon of Death. While Luffy was training with Reilly on Raskine, Lo didn’t jump into a New World either. When his team asked him, Lo suggested that he had a big plan in his head.

At this moment, Lo was laying out a strategy for the events that would later unfold in the arches of Punk Hazard and Dress Rose. Lo’s first plan was to obtain the title of Citibukai. To do this, Lo initiated a major incident in Rocky Port, which became known as the Rocky Port Incident. It is believed that the incident when Lo stole a hundred pirate hearts and delivered them to the fleet is somehow connected with this incident. Thanks to this, he became one of the Seven Citybooks of the Sea and made a big name for himself.

As fans know, it was all part of Lo’s plan to promote himself to Citibukai status and then, eventually, pave the way for the downfall of Donquixote Doflamingo. In Punk Hazard, Lo teamed up with Luffy in an attempt to get Kaido to destroy the Doflamingo for him. Thus, the Rocky Port incident eventually became the trigger for all the major events that have taken place in the new world of the One Piece world since then.

Kobi’s role in Rocky Port

Lowe is certainly not the only one who shone during the Rocky Port incident. The other hero of this event was none other than Kobi, one of Luffy’s friends. Kobi’s growth in the series was quite slow. After joining the navy, Garp, the Hero of the Sea Patrol, took him under his protection. Under the guidance of Garp and Bogard, Kobi trained tirelessly and eventually rose to the rank of petty officer. By the time of the timeskip, he had already mastered several secret arts, such as Rokusiki. Although Kobi had definitely made decent progress, he was still a level below Luffy.

During the timeskip, it seems that Kobi has moved to the next level. He awoke to the Color of Observation during the Marinford Arch and has continued to master this power ever since. During the Rocky Port incident, Kobi showed his skills and became a hero, saving all the civilians involved in the incident. This led to him making a big name for himself as the hero of the Rocky Port incident. In addition, it could also have been an important factor in his promotion to the SWORD, a secret organization in the navy whose exact purpose is still unknown.

Kobi also eventually joined hands with none other than Blackbeard, however it is unknown whether this was done intentionally or whether his work helped Blackbeard anyway. In One Piece 1059, it was revealed that while Kobi was on the Rocky Boat, Blackbeard was also present there. Kobi’s role in the Rocky Port incident paved the way for Blackbeard to fight Wang Zhi, one of the former members of the Rox Pirates. It is implied that Blackbeard eventually defeated him and thereafter took his place as ruler of the island. Since then, Blackbeard has taken over the island and continues to rule it to this day. In One Piece 1059, Blackbeard mentioned Kobi’s role in the Rocky Harbor incident as very convenient for him. Quite a lot about this incident remains unknown today, however, the Ode is likely to deal with them soon, and fans will learn about the major events that unfolded on the day of the incident in Rocky Port.


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