One Piece: Oden’s flashbacks will finally begin in the Anime


Spoiler Warning! The One Piece anime claims to start major flashbacks in chapter 939.

One Piece episode 939 is coming out next Sunday and fans are really excited for the anime series featuring Oden. Hiyori showed her love for Zoro, who only cares about his swords and fans reacted in a funny way on social media.

The next chapter 939 will be amazing as it will finally be introduced to Oden. All the fans are eager to see his flashbacks, especially the battle between Roger and Whitebeard. Here are more details on the episode’s release date, preview, spoilers, and ways to watch the anime online.

One Piece chapter 939 spoilers!

The release date for One Piece episode 939 is Sunday, August 30, according to official anime sources. The preview begins with Tonoyasu walking towards his execution platform in jail. But the Straw Hat Pirates, including Usopp, Nami and Robin, eliminate the guards and stop the execution.

Episode 939 is titled “The Straw Hats Run! Save Captive Tonoyasu ”and will also initiate Oden’s flashback. Luffy and Hyogoro are still fighting in prison with Queen trying to take them down.

The spoilers show a fight between Oden and Tonoyasu where the Shogun of Wano is easily defeated. Fans are really excited for One Piece 939 as more of Kozuki will finally be known.

Where to see the One Piece anime?

Channels like Fuji TV, Korean Broadcasting System, and Spacetoon broadcast the anime. The latest One Piece episodes can also be seen online on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Animelab, VRV, and other streaming services based on your location.

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Netflix has also added the first two arcs from the One Piece anime to its streaming library and very soon, the Wano Arc will also be streaming on the streaming service.


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