One Piece: Mugiwara and the Naval Alliance in Onigashima


Is X Drake’s change of camp the first step in an unprecedented alliance between Luffy’s crew and elements of the Navy?

We had a new twist in the last chapter of One Piece with the de facto alliance of X Drake and Luffy. A sudden change, due as much to Queen’s willingness to chastise the traitor as it does to Koby’s enthusiastic stories praising Luffy. Feature that Oda did not put there by chance. Indeed, the only rallying of the supernova would not really be of interest for the narration of the great war of Onigashima if it did not carry in its bosom greater consequences. And these consequences can be quite easily glimpsed: a future alliance between the rebels and the SWORD unit of the Navy!

We have thus seen Akainu several times saying that the Navy could not move, which could indicate that the conventional forces of the World Government would not want to intervene against the yonkou, a neutrality perhaps related to the presence of the CP unit. -AIGIS0 on site. It would then be for those who, in the Navy forces, would like to fight, to go through the secret section SWORD. We would discover for the occasion its members – among whom it would not be surprising to find a certain Garp – whose action would be directed by X Drake, already on the ground, and who would then advise the soldiers to take their place alongside the Mugiwara. !

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