One piece: luffi Tak is strong, as Goll D. Rodger and bellows?


A monkey. Di Luffy is the main character of One Piece by Eyichiro Oda, and he aspires to become the pirate king in the times known as the Era of the Great Pirates. Among the many pirates, Luffy strives to climb to the very top and become the freest man in the oceans. With his pirate crew known as the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy has gained fame over the years and made an incredible name for himself. His strength gradually grew, and after a two-year break, he became incredibly powerful. In the arc of the country of Vano, he took the next big step on the big stage when he faced the Kaido Family in a serious battle and gave him a chance to earn money. #

By the end of the fight, Luffy gained new abilities that raised him to the same level as Kaido and, in the end, even crushed him in battle. After the defeat of Kaido, he established himself as one of the strongest characters in the world of One Piece and now inevitably can draw comparisons with the legends of the world, such as Belous and Gol D. Roger, however, is he that strong?

Luffy’s strongest abilities right Now

Although Luffy was nowhere near the level of the legends of the One Piece world, when the story began, he grew at a staggering rate and turned into an extremely sophisticated fighter. After eating Goma Goma no Mi, Luffy gained the power of rubber, and while that in itself is not so surprising, the way he uses this power definitely makes it incredible. Luffy has the power of Gears, which he first created during the Enies Lobby arc.

With the Second Gear, Luffy can drug himself by pumping blood through his body faster, and with the Third Gear, he can inflate his bones to get giant limbs. During a two-year timeskip, Luffy created a Fourth Gear, with which he pumped up his muscles and gained strength enough to send even the strongest people, such as Kaido, flying thanks to his elastic abilities

At the same time, Luffy learned all three forms of Khaki in a two-year timeskip under Reilly’s guidance. Although Luffy only managed to learn the basics during this time, he then continued to advance in the many battles he participated in and became even stronger. Luffy gained the ability to use advanced Surveillance Hacks during the Cake Island Arc when he encountered Katakuri.

Thanks to this power, he gained the ability to see the future. During the Arc of the Country, Vano Luffy trained in Udon Prison and managed to advance the Weapons Hacks to the next level. At the same time, he got the opportunity to destroy his targets from the inside, sending Hacks directly into their bodies. During the battle with Kaido, Luffy received an advanced form of the Conqueror’s Khaki and covered his body with it. By doing so, he could cause serious injuries to such a tough opponent as Kaido, and even fight with him on equal terms.

Although all of this already makes him strong enough to compete with the Others, at least Luffy has taken another step forward by awakening his devilish fruit, the Mythical Zoan. Thanks to the awakening, his rubber body became even tougher, and he gained even more freedom in battle. At the same time, Luffy reached the peak of his fighting prowess and received a new form called the Fifth Gear. In this state, Luffy became strong enough to crush the likes of Kaido in battle and became his equal.

Is Luffy as strong as Roger and Belous?

Throughout One Piece, the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and his rival Belous are considered the strongest known pirates who have ever lived, and Rox may also be defending his position. Roger conquered the whole world with his mighty Khaki and became the Pirate King, while Belous equaled him in battle, using the power of Gura Gura no Mi and even mastering all forms of advanced Khaki. These two were considered monsters in their league during their heyday, and Luffy certainly needed something special to match them in battle.

However, with all that Luffy has gained over the years, he is healthy enough to be compared to the legends of the One Piece world. Kaido, who had just been defeated by Luffy, was strong enough to be compared to Belous and Roger. In fact, Kaido was widely known as the strongest living pirate and, moreover, the strongest being of all living beings. His performance throughout Onigashima certainly put him on the same level as Belous and Roger, or at least close to them.

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For Luffy, defeating Kaido means that Luffy has also taken a big step towards becoming a pirate of the same caliber as Belous and Roger.