One Piece: How strong is Silvers Rayleigh?


Silvers Reilly is a legendary figure of the era before the Great Era of Pirates in the world of One Piece. Known as the Pirate King’s right-hand man, Reilly was the vice captain of Roger’s Pirates. He is held in a legendary light in the world of One Piece and remains one of the very few living people who know about the true history of the world.

In terms of combat, Reilly is a great fighter, and he became feared as the Dark King when he was an active pirate. Currently, Reilly is an old man, and his heyday has already passed, however, he is still feared, as seen in One Piece 1059, where he forced Blackbeard to retreat from the Amazon Lily. With great Khaki and incredible sword skills, Reilly is still a threat to be feared in the world of One Piece.

Rayleigh’s Hacks

Reilly is one of the few people in the world of One Piece who belong to the highest level, but do not have the power of the Devil Fruit. As fans know, he, like several other members of Roger’s Pirates, did not possess any Devil Fruit abilities. In Vano, Kaido made it clear that Hacks are an ability that transcends everything. Thus, it is arguably the strongest of all the forces in the One Piece world. Reilly, the master of this ability, made him feared all over the world. As was already evident during his introduction, Reilly uses all three types of Hacks.

His observation color is definitely quite special, as can be seen from when he started training Luffy on Raskine. At the same time, Reilly demonstrated the use of Armament Colors while fighting Kidzaru in the Sabaodi Archipelago. He also demonstrated his ability to use Conqueror Hacks on various occasions, the most notable of which was when he introduced himself to Luffy. As an elite fighter in the One Piece world, it’s no surprise that Reilly can also cover himself and the Conqueror’s Hacks. In the last chapter, it was shown how he uses the Conqueror’s Khaki coating while fighting Blackbeard. So, Reilly is really an incredible user of hacks.

Rayleigh’s image in Prime

As the right-hand man of Pirate King Roger, Reilly was known to be extremely powerful in his prime. According to Garp, even at an advanced age, he is an incredibly dangerous man, and capturing him during the arch of the Sabaodi Archipelago would require a lot of preparation. Garp compared his pedigree directly with Belous, which only proves that he is a monster even at an advanced age. In his heyday, Reilly was definitely several times stronger than he is now, it would not be an exaggeration to say that his strength would be comparable to that of a man from the world of One Piece.

In the previous chapter, Reilly mentioned that he would not be able to defeat Blackbeard due to his advanced age, implying that if he was in his prime, he would be a match for him, despite having two and possessing powerful Khaki. His epithet of the Dark King implies that he is in some ways comparable to Roger. Well, actually, he wouldn’t be his equal in strength, he would definitely have to be close to him to get such a special nickname.

Rayleigh’s Strength in Old Age

In his old age, Reilly is clearly not as strong as he once was. This was evident from his class against Kidzaru when they met during the arch of the Sabaodi Archipelago. Despite the fact that he was able to successfully stop him, Reilly got tired pretty quickly due to the fact that his body could not keep up as well as it once could. However, he was quite confident that he could hold off Kidzara and even defeat him if the need arose. In One Piece 1059, he continued to confront Blackbeard on Amazon Lily. His bloodline was such that they immediately retreated from the island.

However, Rayleigh later explained that only his reputation saved the situation. Har faced Blackbeard in a full-scale battle, which he would have lost due to getting old. This certainly means that he is far from his strongest self. However, he still uses Conqueror’s cover and other powerful forms of Hacks. His swordsmanship is still quite huge. Although he is not as strong as the other, he is certainly someone who can give odds to any player for his money. After all, he is still a legend, and fans saw in the Marinford Arch what a legend is capable of, despite the deterioration in health when Belous single-handedly took over the entire fleet.


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