One Piece has just revealed a new user hacks


There were a lot of surprises for the fans in the last chapter of One Piece, and the biggest topic of conversation was the confrontation that took place in Amazon Lily between the Kuja Pirates, the Blackbeard Pirates and the Sentinels. The Lookouts attacked the Amazon Lily because they wanted to capture Boa Hancock, as she posed a huge threat to the World Government, while the Blackbeard Pirates’ hunt for devil fruits brought them to the Boa Kingdom.

The three-way battle between them caused a lot of destruction, and there were many casualties. Only a few people were able to stand in this chaos, and one of them was Blackbeard, the God of the Sea. Boa Hancock’s strength surprised Kobi and Blackbeard, and they both praised her. Besides the Boa, another thing that caught Blackbeard’s attention was the Seraphim, which is a replacement for the Citibukai in the navy. As Blackbeard faced several strong opponents, he had to use a power he had never used before in One Piece.

Using Weapons Hacks

In almost all of his previous appearances, Blackbeard had mainly relied on his devil fruit abilities to overpower his opponent. When he fought against Ace, Blackbeard used his Yami Yami no Mi to crush the Commander of the Second Division of the Pirates, Belous. Then in Marinford, Blackbeard annulled and stole Whitebeard’s power with his devil fruit. After receiving Gura Gura no Mi, Teach immediately proceeded to destroy the headquarters of the Marine Patrol. It seemed to many readers that Blackbeard relied too much on his diabolical fruits and would suffer if he had to face an opponent who owned Hacks, but in the last chapter, all these debates finally came to an end. When one of the Seraphim attacked Blackbeard, he covered his left arm with Khaki to block the attack.

While blocking a sword strike may not seem like an impressive feat, it’s important to remember that a previous seraphim attack cut a mountain in Amazon Lily in half. Naturally, this means that the second attack on Blackbeard will have the same amount of power, so you will need at least Hacks of Advanced Weaponry to block the attack. So if Blackbeard really has Advanced Weapons Hacks, then he may turn out to be Luffy’s enemy in the future. Although this may be the first time Blackbeard uses Weapon Hacks, he has used Surveillance Hacks many times in the past.

Excellent observation Hacks

Blackbeard uses Surveillance Hacks surprisingly well. When Blackbeard got the impression that Luffy’s reward was only 30 million berries, he told his team that the reward was too small for a person with such a powerful Hack. Just a few moments later, Blackbeard saw Luffy’s new poster, which stated that his new reward was 100 million berries. This is the first time Blackbeard uses any kind of Hacks.

Blackbeard once again demonstrated his use of Surveillance Hacks when he invaded Impel Down with the rest of his team. On the way to the lower levels, Blackbeard met Luffy, who attacked him, but it didn’t take long for the Citibukai to defeat Luffy. However, Blackbeard complimented Luffy and told him that his Khaki had improved since their last meeting. In addition to the confirmations in the manga, vivr cards have also confirmed that Blackbeard uses Weapons and Surveillance Hacks. Currently, Blackbeard has two types of Hacks, so the question is, will he also have Conqueror Hacks?

The Last Villain

After his quarrel with Luffy, fans realized that Blackbeard would be his last opponent. Luffy and Blackbeard are different, but they have common views, which makes their rivalry quite interesting. Luffy has to settle accounts with Blackbeard, as the latter was responsible for the capture of Ace by the marine Patrol. Luffy would like to avenge the death of his brother, who sacrificed his life to save him. Considering that Blackbeard is the last villain in the series, it would make sense if he had all three types of Hacks. There are several good reasons for this.

Firstly, almost all of Luffy’s opponents in the New World had all three types of Hacks — Charlotte Katakuri, Big Mama, Kaido and Quixote Doflamingo. It would be depressing if the last villain only had two types of Hacks, while those who appeared before him had all three types. Secondly, Blackbeard is a very ambitious person who is willing to do anything to achieve his goal. A character with huge ambitions and willpower must have the Conqueror’s Hacks.

Finally, Blackbeard is a descendant of the D clan, and so far anyone associated with the mysterious clan has possessed Conqueror Hacks. All of this indicates that Blackbeard has Conqueror Hacks.


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