One Piece: Explanation of Zoro’s 1.111 Billion Berry Reward


Roronoa Zoro is a Straw Hat Pirate swordsman and one of the most important characters of One Piece. Being the first person to join Luffy’s team, Zoro’s role in the series is of paramount importance. He dreams of becoming the strongest swordsman in the world, surpassing and defeating Drakul Mihavk, the man who currently holds this title. Zoro also wants to make Luffy the pirate king, even more than he wants to become the strongest swordsman. As a loyal right—hand man and an incredibly strong swordsman, Zoro is one of Luffy’s best subordinates.

Just like the Straw Hat Pirates had made a big name for themselves, Zoro was also getting stronger and stronger. Now that the team is officially recognized as the Emperor’s team, Zoro’s status in the One Piece world has also risen to a new level. After the events of the Arc of the country, Vano Zoro received an award of 1,111 billion berries, which is second only to Luffy’s award of 3 billion berries.

Former Zoro Awards

Zoro is the second most powerful member of Luffy’s team, and therefore he always gets high rewards. When Luffy received 100 million rewards after defeating Crocodile, Zoro received a reward of 60 million berries for destroying Daz Bones, the famous killer from West Blue. Together they were the first crew members to receive awards. During the Enies Lobby arc, Zoro fought against Kaku, the second most powerful member of CP9. After defeating him in battle, thanks to his newly awakened Ashura power, Zoro received a reward of 120 million berries, which is twice his previous reward. This made him one of the 11 supernovae that arrived in the Sabaodi archipelago with a reward of 100 million or more.

This also made the Straw Hat Pirates one of two teams consisting of two members and receiving a reward of 100 million berries or more. After a two-year timeskip, Zoro returned much stronger, but never got a chance to fully show what he is capable of. In the arch of the Dress Rose, he defeated the Pike. After Luffy defeated Doflamingo, the whole team received an increased reward, and the reward for Zoro increased from 120 million berries to 320 million berries.

Zoro ‘s Exploits on Onigashima

In the New World, Zoro was not really experienced until the Vano Country Arch. Fans knew that this arch would be extremely important to him, given that he is a swordsman, and Vano is a samurai country. Shortly before the raid on Onigashima, Zoro received Oden’s favorite blade, Enmu. With this sword, Zoro was stronger than ever before, as his ability to pull Ryuo out of the user’s body made him an incredibly powerful weapon. In Onigashima, he was given a chance to demonstrate what he is really capable of. On the roof, he engaged in battle with two of the Four Emperors in Big Mama and Kaido.

Going up against both of them, Zoro impressed everyone. However, the most impressive thing he achieved on the roof was that he was able to injure Kaido. Unknowingly using the Hacks of his Conqueror, thanks to Enma, Zoro became the second person in history after Oden to receive a scar on Kaido. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a serious injury for Kaido. Consequently, Zoro was defeated in the battle and was sent to the lower floors of Onigashima.

By this point, Zoro had already done quite a lot in the Raid, but Oda had not finished with him yet. After recovering from his wounds, thanks to the magic potion from the mink, Zoro got up again and, this time, engaged in battle with the strongest of the three right hands of Kaido, the King of Wildfire. Although he initially fought King quite a lot, he was eventually able to seize control of Enma. Thanks to this, the sword released the Conqueror’s Khaki and allowed him to cover himself with it. From that moment on, Zoro’s fight with King became more equal, and, in the end, he defeated his opponent. This, however, cost him a considerable expenditure of energy, as he remained in a near-death state. Nevertheless, Zoro’s incredible exploits were visible to everyone.

Why is Zoro’s reward 1.111 billion berries

All things considered, Zoro, who received an incredibly high reward of 1.111 billion berries, is not at all surprising. After defeating King, who had a reward of 1.390 billion berries, it would make sense for Zoro to also have a high reward. Also, it was clear to CP0 that Zoro had done quite a lot of hard work during the war. The reward for Zoro could be even higher, and it would still make a lot of sense. However, the specific reason why Oda chose 1.111 billion berries as his reward is related to Zoro’s birthday.

As fans know, Oda loves his puns and often includes them both in chapters and sometimes in awards. This was evident when he chose the specific rewards for the Four Emperors in Chapter 957.


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