One Piece: Explanation of Kobi’s Fate


Kobi is a rather intriguing character in Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. He was introduced at the very beginning of the story when Luffy set out to become the Pirate King. At that time, Kobi was working as an assistant for Alvida. It was Luffy who finally freed him from slavery, giving him a dream to pursue in the process. Soon after, in Shell City, they went to rescue Zoro, and eventually Kobi joined the Lookouts and declared that one day he wanted to catch every bad pirate while saving lives.

Since then, Kobi has grown incredibly and studied under Garp, the Hero of the Sea Patrol. He himself earned a reputation as the Hero of the Rocky Port and became extremely powerful. In the Marine Corps, he rose to the rank of captain of the Marine Corps, and also became part of a secret unit within the organization called the SWORD. Kobi was responsible for the attack on Amazon Lily, where he encountered not only Boa Hancock, but also Blackbeard. After the events, it turned out that he had been kidnapped.

Kobi and Blackbeard

As shown in One Piece 1059, Kobi was abducted by none other than one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Blackbeard himself. Interestingly, these two have a common history. Blackbeard first noticed Kobi when he was trying to save lives in Marinford by running into Akainu. Immediately after that, Shanks saved his life, and the situation on the island was defused. It was during the two-year timeskip that Kobi and Blackbeard really got to know each other. The Rocky Port incident on Pirate Island was organized by none other than Trafalgar Law, who later became one of the Seven Citybooks.

Kobi was also present on the island and saved quite a few lives. Interestingly, Blackbeard was also a participant in the Rocky Port incident. He managed to defeat Wang Zhi, who was the ruler of the island, thanks to the help of Kobi. Perhaps they are somehow working together to quickly deal with Wang Zhi and his people. Kobi managed to save many lives, and Blackbeard defeated Wang Zhi and eventually got the position of the Boss of Hive Island. Later,Blackbeard became one of them, and Kobi received the title “Hero of the Rocky Port”, which is still associated with his name.

Why was Kobi captured

In One Piece 1059, it was revealed that Blackbeard had captured the captain of the Kobi Marine Patrol for some reason. The Navy reported this to the headquarters at the Red Line, and the newspapers also published this message. Apparently, Kobi is the only member of the Marine Patrol captured by Blackbeard. As fans know, Blackbeard is quite a calculating person. Thus, he would not have made a move if it did not bring him some benefit. From the point of view of strength, Kobi is not beneficial to him in any way. After all, he’s only a Marine captain and even ranks below X Drake in SWORD. However, Kobi could become a valuable pawn in one of Blackbeard’s grandiose plans.

Perhaps he wants a Devil Fruit belonging to one of the Sentinels, and he wants to somehow lure them to him. At the same time, it is also possible that Blackbeard will turn him into the Guild of the Cross, since there will probably be a bounty on his head. Thus, Kobi may soon become the trigger for a large-scale war. It should be remembered that Kobi is a member of the SWORD, and being a Member,Blackbeard’sintelligence network is likely to be quite diverse. Information about this organization could also be obtained through Kobi, which made him a valuable pawn.


Perhaps the main reason why Blackbeard captured Captain Kobi is the Seraphim. As fans saw in the previous chapter, Seraphim are human weapons created by the World Government, in particular, Vegapank. These weapons are clones of the Citibukai with intimidating combat abilities that resemble their powers, along with Lunaria’s abilities. In the previous chapter, fans saw Seraphim in action on Amazon Lily, and at some point they even ran into Blackbeard and did a good job. Seeing that they are quite powerful, Blackbeard would like to own this weapon.

However, he most likely lacks the ability to control them. Fans saw how Kobi could command the Seraphim in the previous chapter, so Blackbeard could potentially capture him, trying to transfer control of these monsters to himself. This would give Blackbeard a powerful army and explain why the capture of Captain Kobi is just as important to the navy. This may well turn out to be a turning point in the war between the navy and the Blackbeard Pirates, and very soon fans may face incredible actions.


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