One Piece: Explanation of Boa Hancock’s 1.659 Billion Berry Award


Boa Hancock is one of the most powerful characters in the world of One Piece. Introduced before the two-year timescale, Hancock is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and the Empress of the Amazon Lily, a secluded island in the One Piece Peace Belt. It is known that Kuja is a tribe of powerful women, each of whom can use Khaki. This tribe admires strength as beauty, and Hancock, the most beautiful of them all, is naturally the strongest on the island.

At the very young age of 18, Hancock became the captain of the Kuja Pirates. At the same time, she received an award of 80 million berries after her first trip and immediately after that received the status of a Citibukai. As confirmed in the last “Dream”, Hancock is no longer one of the Naval Commanders, and therefore he is being hunted again. The Marines restored the bounty on her head, and One Piece 1059 revealed that this bounty is 1.659 billion berries for many reasons.

Hancock’s Powerful hacks

Hancock belongs to the Kuja tribe, which is known all over the world by One Piece for its skills and mastery of Khaki. This became clear to the fans when Luffy was sent to the island by Bartholomew Kuma, one of the former Warlords of the Sea. Even people who weren’t part of the Kuja Pirates were able to use Khaki and store it in their weapons to increase their attacking power. Those who were part of the crew were even stronger. Hancock’s two sisters were incredibly strong and caused a lot of problems even to Luffy with their Hacks. Obviously, Hancock, being the strongest of all, also possesses powerful Hacks. She uses all three types of Hacks, which makes her one of the very few people with these skills.

When it comes to Weapon Hacks, Hancock is certainly more than impressive, as Smoker paid special attention to her Khaki and called it “Khaki Kuji” right after she encountered him. Her Surveillance Hacks skills were revealed to fans during the Paramount War, especially towards the end when she was able to sense Luffy and get Salome to track him down—something even fleet admirals couldn’t sense. Hancock, being a user of all three types of Hacks, also has the power of the Conqueror’s Hacks available to her.

Mero Maro no Mi Hancock

Hancock is also a user of a very powerful devil fruit called Mero Mero no Mi. This Devil fruit belongs to the paramecia class and is known as one of the strongest fruits in the world. His abilities are based on Hancock’s beauty. Anyone who is attracted to her, regardless of gender, can easily turn into stone with the help of techniques such as Mero Mero Mellow. Also, petrification can only be undone by Hancock, and even new fetal users can’t help those who are petrified. At the same time, Hancock has several other techniques that do not require involvement in the work. Slave Arrow, Perfume Femur, Pistol Kiss and others turn even inanimate objects into stone upon contact.

Obviously, Hancock’s Devil Fruit is one of the most powerful represented by the Ode. This is one of the reasons why Blackbeard, one of the Four Sea Emperors, also paid attention to this Diabolical fruit. When the Citibukai system was abolished, Blackbeard made an attempt to get her powers. Thanks to Rayleigh’s intervention, the situation was defused.

Why Hancock’s Reward is 1.659 Billion

Hancock is an incredibly powerful pirate whose skills surpass the level of the commanders of the company. Her Khaki alone makes her a very dangerous fighter. As a user of the Conqueror’s Khaki and a specialist in this power, Hancock may also be able to cover himself with the Color of the Supreme King. As Kaido mentioned, only a handful of the strongest pirates are capable of this. Also, Hancock’s Devil Fruit is quite special, and the nature of her fruit makes her even more dangerous.

All things considered, Hancock is an extremely rare pirate class with powerful Hacks and a dangerous Devil Fruit. Thus, the world government has appointed a reward of 1.659 billion berries for her head, which is extremely high. At the same time, it should be remembered that Hancock is not part of any organization, such as a Cross-Guild, which, if it were, would surely inflate its numbers, as is seen with the likes of Crocodile, Buggy and Mihok. She deserves her award, and she currently has one of the highest One Piece scores in the world.


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