One Piece: Do we have Conqueror Hacks?


Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the most important members of Luffy’s team. She joined him during the Orange City Arch, however, it wasn’t until after the events of the Arlong Park Arch that she really became a member of the team. As one of the five main characters of East Blue, Nami is extremely important to the plot.

As a navigator, she is the only one who can guarantee that Luffy will get to Laf Tail safely. However, this is not all she does. Nami is also a good fighter, although he is one of the weakest in the team. Basically, she uses her mind in battle to defeat her enemies. Surprisingly, in One Piece 1058, she demonstrated the use of Conqueror Hacks in a scene that looked like a joke. However, the question remains, could Nami have possessed this power?

Hacks of the Conqueror by Us

As fans know, Nami has not used Hacks in any form so far. Hacks are a force that Reilly described as a manifestation of the user’s spirit. Everyone in the world of One Piece has Hacks, but not everyone can show this hidden skill. Having awakened to it, Khaki can manifest itself as the Color of Observation and the Color of Weapons.

The observation color gives the user a certain sixth sense and allows them to sense things like approaching danger, power levels, intentions, and emotions, among many other things. The color of the Armament, on the other hand, allows them to manifest their spirit and use it as armor for both attack and defense. Nami does not possess any of these abilities. Oddly enough, she can hurt Luffy when she gets mad at him, despite the fact that the latter is made of rubber.

Also, in One Piece 1058, after Luffy lifted Sunny from the top of a giant waterfall, Nami locked him in a cage and in a fit of anger demonstrated an ability similar to the Conqueror’s Hacks. This was especially evident from the black lightning emanating from her body. Moreover, even Jimbei, an experienced fighter, was able to tell that the ability that Nami demonstrated was the Color of the Supreme King of Khaki. Without a doubt, Oda drew Nami wielding this power in the previous chapter, however, whether she will actually be able to use it or not remains to be seen.

As many fans noted, this scene could have been just a joke on the part of Ode. After all, it would be like Nami hurting Luffy despite being rubbery. However, with an author like Oda, who often makes important storylines stem from jokes like Sanji’s nosebleed and Fishman Island, the possibility that we are really owned by Haki still exists.

Will Nami be able to wear the color of the Supreme King?

To answer the question that Nami may be wearing the color of the Supreme King, fans should look back at her mysterious origins. Although this is not necessarily particularly true, the true origin has never been confirmed by Us in One Piece. She was found by a young Nojiko, and later they were both found by Bellemere, who adopted them. This does not mean that Nami’s bloodline will play a huge role in the future. However, this may be important if Oda plans to hand over the Conqueror’s Hacks to us. As Garp showed during the Marinford Arc, Conqueror’s Hacks are a power that can be inherited.

Thus, if Nami is from a conquering family or a special race in the One Piece world, it may well be her hidden ability. In fact, Nami has already demonstrated abilities similar to Hacks. During the Alabasta saga, she demonstrated the ability to detect even the slightest changes in the weather, which, according to Vivi, is beyond human understanding. This ability of hers is very similar to Color or Observation, which also give the user a sixth sense.

As for the Color of the Weapons, Nami has demonstrated the ability to injure Luffy several times, despite the fact that he is made of rubber. Although on a superficial level it can be seen as just a joke, in fact this is what she can do in the canon of history. Nami may not have full control over her abilities, but she definitely has the opportunity to study them at the highest level. As for the Supreme King’s Color, the previous chapter of One Piece definitely hinted that she has this intimidating ability.


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