One Piece: Did Sabo really kill [SPOILER]?


One Piece has reached a very delicate point that can affect the whole world. There are several revelations in each new chapter, and the One Piece 1058 chapter is no exception, as it reveals information about Crocodile and Mihok. There was a lot of confusion when a poster featuring a Buggy and two Generals was shown in previous chapters. Readers know that Buggy is not who he seems, and certainly can’t have Crocodile and Mihok working for him.

This mystery was solved after Chapter 1058 revealed that Mihok and Crocodile wanted the Buggy to become a target for the main strike of the Sentinels. While the main discussions were about Mihok and Crocodile, a larger and more important meeting took place in the Kingdom of Kamabakka. After the Revolutionary Army was expelled from their base, they were forced to flee to the Kingdom of Kamabakka, the homeland of Ivankov. The Revolutionary Army was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief when its commanders returned. A snail transponder was ringing on the last page of the chapter, and when the Koala picked up the phone, the voice on the other end confirmed that it was Sabo. In connection with the growing tension, an important question arises: did Sabo really kill Nefertari Cobra?

Invasion to save a comrade

When Szabo saw the plight of Bartholomew Kuma, he decided to invade the Holy Land of Mari Joa and bring back his friend. Sabo was accompanied by other commanders of the Revolutionary Army. Eventually, the members of the Revolutionary Army clashed with Admiral Fujitora and Ryokugyu. For a long time, the outcome of this battle remained unknown, and several times Oda hinted that Szabo could have been captured or, even worse, executed.

All these fears turned out to be erroneous, as the news confirmed that the Revolutionary Army successfully fought off the Marines and returned Kuma. This further increased Sabo’s popularity, and people gave him the title of “Flame Emperor”. Sabo’s growing reputation has forced the World Government to take him very seriously, and if his growth is not stopped, they may have serious problems.

Bad news

The news of the success of the Revolutionary Army definitely pleased the Dragon and the company. but there was another headline in the newspaper, quite disturbing. According to the news, Sabo killed Nerfetari Cobra, the ruler of Alabasta, who was present at the level. This particular information angered the Dragon, and he told the Koala that despite Sabo’s heroism, if he really killed the Cobra, there would be problems between them. Having clearly indicated his position, the Dragon faced the Godfather and asked him about what he had seen. Shortly before the end of the chapter, Sabo called a snail transponder in the Kingdom of Kamabakka, and the Koala picked up the phone. The Marines were already on edge, and as soon as the snail rang, they had their men track the signal.

Killing an innocent man is completely out of character for Szabo. It would not be an exaggeration to call him the kindest of his brothers. Sabo was always trying to protect helpless people, so it doesn’t make sense why Sabo would want to attack someone like Cobra. There is no connection between them, and it sounds like the World Government is covering up their own actions. Thus, it is quite possible that the Five Elders took this opportunity to get rid of Cobra and the rest of the Nefertari Family, and they found in Sabo a person who is easy to blame. The five elders know that this news can also cause problems between Szabo and the rest of the Revolutionary Army.

Where’s Vivi?

Vivi visited Marie Joa with her father, but her current whereabouts remain unknown. She could either have been captured by the Five Elders, or she could have been saved by Sabo. During the Level arch, Vivi and Rebecca were together and they talked about their experiences with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sabo knows about Rebecca, and if he saw that she was friends with Vivi, it would be strange if he tried to kidnap or harm Vivi. It would have been wiser if Sabo had stayed to save Vivi from the clutches of the World Government. There is no doubt that they have some interest in Vivi, as he was previously seen with a photo of Vivi, which pretty much suggested that he felt threatened by her.

What if Sabo had killed a Cobra?

Sabo kills a Cobra – a very unlikely scenario. The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army has no reason to pursue the Cobra. However, if he gets his hands dirty with the blood of King Alabasta, then Sabo’s reputation will definitely suffer. The Revolutionary army will shun him, and he will be left to himself. So, Clogs will be bad.

While the Revolutionary Army loses number two, they are now a Godfather who can provide Dragon with confidential information that could potentially lead to the downfall of the World Government.


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