One Piece: Did Buggy get better because he ate his devil fruit?


During the “Orange City” arc in One Piece, the audience saw a funny and unique story of the origin of the main antagonist. While this is not unique to anime in general, it is quite unusual for these earlier One Piece episodes. Usually, memories involving antagonists are limited to how they directly affected one of the Straw Hat Pirates, as, for example, Arlong returns to how he treated Us. Instead, viewers saw Buggy the clown, what exactly turned Buggy into the pirate he is today, and perhaps a little bit of why his personality is the way it is today.

One Piece follows the story of Monky D. Luffy as he gathers a team and embarks on the Grand Line to become the pirate king. In his quest to assemble a reliable team, he meets many famous pirates who mostly stand in his way, with one important exception in the form of Shanks.

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What happened to the Buggy?

When Buggy was just a pirate in training, he was on a ship with Red-haired Shanks, and because of the way they spent time together, he holds a special place in his heart with hatred for another pirate. During the raid, Buggy finds a treasure map that, in his opinion, points to a place in the middle of the ocean. Given his strong love of treasure and wealth, he immediately hides the map from his shipmates and plans to go in search of this treasure on his own.

Shanks talks to Buggy about another valuable item captured during the raid, the devil’s Chop-Chop fruit. This item, he says, is worth a fortune in berries. Of course, Buggy must have it too, so he puts on a show where he eats a fake version of the fruit, actually steals the real one. The crew is misled and believes that the fruit they caught was fake all along.

Later, when Buggy tries to sneak off the ship, Shanks catches him and enters into a casual conversation. During this interaction, the Buggy accidentally swallows a real Devil fruit and thus loses the ability to swim. Then he falls overboard and Shanks has to save him. However, Buggy does not consider this a benevolent act. Instead, he blamed Shanks not only for the loss of a valuable fruit, but also for his inability to swim to his sunken treasure.

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Obviously a mistake, but was it for the best?

Buggy believes that his mistake when he swallowed the fruit cost him all his dreams. According to his own words, instead he had to focus on collecting all the treasures on land. Apart from this, he also laments his inability to sell the Devil Fruit, but he has become functionally invincible in trading. Considering what he lost and what he gained, it’s hard to say that in the end he didn’t get better.

Although there was probably a fair amount of treasure sunk in One Piece in this great pirate era, if you don’t have maps to them, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find them. With that in mind, he’s really only missing one hiding place. Besides, just because he can’t swim doesn’t mean that the footmen can’t do it for him. During the fight with Luffy, he showed a clear willingness to delegate authority, as did Kabaji. In fact, he could have steered his ship to this place and forced one of his sailors who had not eaten the Devil Fruit to come down and take it.

As for the Devil Fruit, he really lost the profit he would have made from selling the fruit. However, as mentioned earlier, it is functionally invincible. His battle with Luffy showed that he definitely practiced the skill well enough to assume that he uses it often. Of course, the more dangerous robberies he was able to commit using this ability paid off with interest for what he would have received for the fruit. His notoriety and generosity alone certainly suggest that he was a fairly successful pirate.

While Buggy certainly regrets that he ate the Devil’s fruit, and is very offended by the person who, in his opinion, forced him to do it. He only proves that he has an extremely short-sighted character, he is not able to see all the benefits that eating fruit has given him. His rage also prevented him from thinking outside the box, which would still allow him to fulfill his dreams, despite his new disability. In fact, Buggy should be thanking Shanks. Not only for saving his life, but also for forcing him to eat the fruit that allowed him to achieve such success in his chosen profession.


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