One Piece: Can anyone surpass Roger’s legacy?


From the very beginning, Luffy informed the public about his dream of becoming the Pirate King, and if by some extraordinary luck someone really forgot about it, Luffy claims that he will become the Pirate King at the end of the preview for each episode of One Piece. Luffy’s dream of becoming a Pirate King started back in the village of Fusha when he met Shanks.

Shanks inspired Luffy, and he decided to become the Pirate King, just like Gol D. Roger. For a long time, Roger’s past remained a mystery, but Auden’s memories gave fans just enough to form an opinion about him. Gol D. Roger lived 24 years before the start of One Piece, and at the time of his execution he was the most famous person in the whole world. He left behind such a great legacy that it is almost impossible to displace him.

Setting sail and conquering the world

77 years before the start of the series, a child was born in Logtown, and at that time no one expected that he would become one of the most legendary pirates in history. Roger met Reilly sometime in his youth, and their meeting eventually led to the creation of the most famous pirate crew ever to go to sea. About 39 years ago, Roger and his team arrived on Lodestar Island, which they thought was the last island, but they were wrong.

After learning that he didn’t have much time left, Roger decided to try his luck again after 11 years. This time, Roger begged Belous to let Kozuki Oden travel with him. Together with Auden, Roger finally had someone who could read the poneglyphs and show him the way to the Fairy Tale of Laughter. Roger’s decision to take Auden on board proved fruitful, as Roger’s Pirates managed to set foot on Laf Tail and learn the true history of the world.

After finding the treasure, Roger disbanded the team and surrendered to the Marines. Roger was still in high spirits during the execution. When a random person asked about his treasure, Roger confirmed that he had left his treasure and it could be taken away. Roger’s last words marked the beginning of a Great Era of Pirates.


Roger left an incredible legacy, and all the pirates who tried to repeat it failed. Belous was a legendary pirate, but even he could not shake up the world like his rival Roger. However, by the will of fate, five years after Roger’s execution, another man was born, and he became one of the most notorious pirates in the world, and this man was none other than Monk D. Luffy.

When Shanks met Luffy, he was impressed by the guy’s determination, but most of all he was touched by Luffy’s promise to become a great pirate and say the same words as the late Pirate King. So when Shanks saw Luffy on the verge of death, he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his left arm. Shanks’ sacrifice surprised even Belous, and when the latter asked who was irresponsible, Shanks simply said that he was betting on a new era.

A journey to become the most free

Luffy has been through numerous trials, and no matter how terrible the situation was, he always managed to survive. Currently, Luffy is one of the strongest characters in the world, but he doesn’t need strength. Luffy wants to become the freest man in the world — a dream he shares with Roger. Luffy is often mistaken for immature, but in fact he is very intelligent and understanding.

Luffy knows his duties as a team captain and how his team depends on him when they get stuck in a bad situation. Luffy has worked hard over the years to make sure he is strong enough to protect his team. Because of Luffy’s character, his teammates are extremely loyal to him, and they absolutely do not hesitate to give their lives for their captain.

Joy Boy

When Roger visited Laugh Tale, he stated that they came too early, so they decided to leave One Piece untouched. It’s fair to say that Roger was not the man who would have changed the whole course of history. Nevertheless, he started a Great era of pirates, which almost guaranteed the appearance of a man who was destined to change the world. Luffy has already shown that he is not afraid of death and is ready to accept it with a smile on his face. With his actions, Luffy makes friends wherever he goes. Dracul Mihok admitted that Luffy’s ability to attract people to his side was truly a frightening force.

In addition to this, Luffy also possesses Hito Hito no Mi, model: Nika, a devilish fruit of the mythical zoan type. When Luffy was knocked out by Kaido, the Devil Fruit started to take over and his personality changed. Zunesha, who was talking to Momonosuke, confirmed that Joy Boy had returned.


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