One Piece: Ben Beckman’s Conqueror Hacks Teased


Ben Beckman is the first assistant to the pirates of the Red—Haired and one of the most influential characters in One Piece. Introduced at the very beginning of the series with Shanks, Ben Beckman has always been as much of a mystery as his captain. He is currently one of the most influential people in the world of One Piece, as expected from the first assistant of the One Piece team.

Since Ben Beckman holds such a high position, it’s not surprising that he is also a user of Hacks, especially since the Pirates of the Red-Haired One don’t seem to have any Devil Fruit abilities. For Ben Beckman to be this strong, his Hacks have to be excellent, but the fans haven’t seen it yet. While One Piece Film: Red has certainly given fans some insight into his abilities, his Conqueror Hacks have only recently been teased in a TV anime.

Types of Ben Beckman hacks

The two main types of Hacks in the world of One Piece are the Color of Weapons and the Color of Surveillance. Almost every experienced user of Hacks can use these two types, and for someone as formidable as Ben Beckman, it’s not surprising that he has both the Color of Weapons and the Color of Observation. According to the volume “4 billion”, which was an additional guide to One Piece Film: Red, it was shown that Beckman’s Hacks are quite strong. He can cover his gun and bullets with them and pierce even the thickest armor.

Although his Color Observation skills have not yet been revealed, it is expected that his skill in this will also be high. It was recently teased that Ben Beckman’s Hacks are bigger than those of Marine Corps admirals, and it just shows how big a threat he is in the One Piece world. For him, having such power means that he may well be a user of a third and rare type of Khaki, called Khaki of the Color of the Supreme King or Khaki of the Conqueror. Unlike the other two types of Hacks, this third type occurs only in one person in a million. At the same time, it is also the strongest of all types of Hacks.

Ben Beckman’s Conqueror Hacks

Masterful mastery of the two main types of Hacks certainly opens up the opportunity for Ben Beckman to own the Conqueror’s Hacks. Although he is not the captain of his team, it is possible that there may be more than one user of this ability in the team. Recently, a TV anime teased Beckman with this power, and, of course, this aroused the interest of fans in his potential abilities. To promote the Film Red anime, One Piece TV released two episodes on which the film is based. In one of the episodes, Luffy ran into two bandits, and it was Beckman who saved him.

Interestingly, Beckman did not use his brute force to deal with the bandits. Instead, he used his intimidation to scare them away. Fans know that bullying is an important part of Conqueror’s Hacks, and the fact that he intimidates them certainly opens the door for him to really own this skill. This was also done with Roronoa Zoro during the Sabaodi Archipelago, where when he encountered bounty hunters, he managed to intimidate them. Later in the story it turned out that he is also the owner of the Color of the Supreme King.

Right hands with khaki conqueror

Ben Beckman, who possesses the Conqueror’s Hacks, is certainly not something outlandish. After all, several other right hands have possessed this ability in the past. Silvers Reilly, vice captain of Roger’s Pirates, also known as the Dark King, is also a user of this power. His role in Roger’s Pirates was exactly the same as Beckman’s role in Pirates of Red Hair. It was this skill that made him one of the most feared pirates in the world of One Piece. Garp, the Hero of the Sea Patrol, went so far as to compare his pedigree with the likes of Belous, which is a sign of how dangerous he really is even in old age. At the same time, Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates also owns the Color of the High King, as shown in the Vano Country arch.

With this power, he was able to injure Kaido and become the second person in history to ever accomplish this feat. Later, Zoro gained control of this power and used it to defeat King, Kaido’s strongest right hand, in battle. In addition, the image of Beckman is very similar to the image of Zoro. Oda has already said that Beckman is the mainstay of the Red—Haired pirates, who are all cheerful and cheerful. This is very similar to Zoro’s role in the Straw Hat team. The probability that Beckman will own the Conqueror’s Hacks is certainly very high. Since the last One Piece saga focused more on the Pirates of the Red-Haired One, fans will be able to see how he uses this ability very soon.


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