One Piece Anime Paralyzed Until Further Notice Due To Toei Animation Hack


One Piece: The famous anime company recently announced that it had suffered a cyberattack whose main consequence is the interruption of several of its series. The One Piece anime, as well as other current Toei Animation productions such as Digimon: Ghost Game, have been halted until further notice due to a recent cyber attack on the well-known Japanese animation company. This has been shared by those responsible through an official announcement in which the reasons for this decision and the affected divisions are communicated, although without going into much detail. The most immediate consequence is that reruns of the affected series will be broadcast until the situation returns to normal.

One Piece stops its new episodes due to a hack

Thus, as explained by Toei Animation, the company suffered a hack of its servers on March 6, an action that affected several of its ongoing productions. Said attack would have affected some series that are currently being broadcast, eliminating some episodes and damaging others, in addition to blocking the company’s internal network, making it impossible to work normally at this time.

“Notice of a change in the content of the broadcast. We have decided to postpone the broadcast of episode 1014, which was scheduled to air this weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience to viewers. On Sunday, March 20, we will instead broadcast the Special Episode: Barto’s Secret Room as part of a special selection of the One Piece Wano Arc”, they detail from Toei Animation through a statement on social networks.

Postponed One Piece episode 1014 is Luffy the Straw Hat: The Man Who Will Become King of Pirates. Luckily, other current productions such as Dragon Quest: Dai’s adventure did not suffer any setback, so their broadcasts will continue normally. From Toei Animation they hope to be able to return to normality soon and continue with the usual broadcasts of the new episodes of One Piece and Digimon.