One Piece: An Explanation of why Sanji has a Smaller Reward than Jimbei


After each major arc in One Piece, Ode goes through the newly appointed awards, and for fans, this is certainly one of the most exciting things they are looking forward to. The One Piece arc of Vano Country finally ended after 4 years with Chapter 1057, and when the Straw Hat Pirates left the isolated country, it was time to see their new rewards.

It goes without saying that the Straw Hat Pirates deserve high rewards by fighting two of the Four Emperors in Big Mama and Kaido and defeating all the Beast Pirates. The likes of Zoro and Sanji in particular have done a hard job against Kaido’s team. However, for some reason, it turned out that Sanji’s reward was lower than Jimbei’s. Sanji’s reward is 1.032 billion berries, and Jimbei has a reward of 1.1 billion berries for his head. While this doesn’t seem to make much sense on a superficial level, there is a good reason for it.

Higher base reward

It is known that every member of the Straw Hat Pirates is experienced and has already earned a reputation in the One Piece world before the Vano War. This is true even for the weakest crew members, such as Usopp or Nami. As for the stronger ones, they were already famous pirates. Zoro’s status as a Pirate Hunter was already known all over the world. At the same time, Sanji was also one of the scariest members of the team, and his 330 million reward certainly indicated the level of threat he carried.

Jimbei, however, has already made a huge name for himself compared to Zoro and Sanji. While Sanji’s reward to Vano was 330 million berries, Jimbei’s reward was 438 million berries, which is significantly higher than that of the Straw Hat chef. Thus, Jimbei already had an advantage over Sanji from the very beginning.

Former status of Citibukai

While the higher base award certainly helped Jimbei’s cause, nothing helped him more than his reputation in the One Piece world. It is known that Jimbei was the right hand of the legendary Tiger Fisher, who once invaded the Holy Land of Marijua and freed all the slaves. After Tiger’s death, he took charge of the Pirates of the Sun and eventually got the position of Citibukai. Then Jimbei made a huge name for himself and became one of the most respected people at sea. He earned himself the title of “Knight of the Sea” and established connections with people like Belous. In the Main War, Jimbei saved Luffy’s life and even confronted the likes of Akainu, and the admirals of that time praised his bravery.

In the Cake Island Arch, fans could see how the Big Mom Pirates show due respect to Jimbei, and this proves once again that he is an incredibly respected person in this story. If someone like him joins Luffy’s team, it will definitely cause a wave around the world and raise his reputation even more. That’s certainly not all. Curiously, Jimbei was also asked about the nickname who’s who during their fight. It seems that he also keeps some secrets about this legendary warrior of the past, which could also have contributed to his reward being so high, as the World Government would not want this information to be revealed.

Is Jimbei stronger than Sanji?

Jimbei, of course, has a slightly higher reward than Sanji, and this has caused controversy in the One Piece fandom about which of them is stronger. However, history has already established that generosity is not always a sign of strength. Strength is certainly a factor that comes into play when determining the reward for a criminal, however their notoriety and their reputation around the world, along with the level of threat they pose to the World Government, are different. Jimbei, as fans know, meets all these requirements, while Sanji does not have as much of a reputation as he does. However, in terms of strength, Sanji is definitely much stronger than Jimbei. This was evident in the Vano Country arc, where Jimbei was paired up to fight against Who’s Who.

Even though Jimbei defeated him quite easily, he still took quite a significant amount of damage in battle. Sanji, on the other hand, was brutally beaten by Black Maria, someone who held the same rank as Who’s Who, and then proceeded to fight the Queen in battle. In addition, Sanji also fought simultaneously with the King and Queen until Zoro recovered. Later, he awakened his hidden abilities of Jerma and defeated Quinn quite easily. The fact that Oda calls Sanji Luffy’s wings, along with Zoro, leaves no doubt that he is actually the third most powerful member of the team.


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