One Piece: An Explanation of Why Blackbeard Wanted Hancock’s Devil Fruit


One Piece 1059 saw Blackbeard make his move and head to the island of Women, Amazon Lily, which is located in the Belt of Tranquility. In One Piece 956, fans saw him claiming that he wanted to steal an ability for himself, however, at the time, the ability he was talking about was not known. Most fans assumed that Blackbeard was talking about Clogs and wanted to acquire Mayor No Mi’s Measure, which he had wanted for quite some time.

It was recently revealed that Blackbeard was instead targeting Mero Mero no Mi, a paramecia-type devil fruit that belongs to none other than Snake Princess and Amazon Empress Lily Boa Hancock. Blackbeard attacked the island a few weeks ago and almost took over her powers. He claimed that he had been waiting patiently for quite a long time to acquire her abilities, which raises the question of why he decided to acquire this fruit at all.

The forces of Mero Maro no Mi

The reason why Blackbeard chose this fruit is quite an interesting topic for discussion. The powers of this devil fruit are certainly enormous. Fans have seen them used during the Amazon Lily arc, which was followed by the Paramount War, and even several times after the timeskip. Hancock’s abilities are certainly very dangerous, but they are tied to her beauty. Anyone who craves her or is attracted to her, regardless of their gender, can easily turn her into stone in a matter of seconds. At the same time, she has other abilities up her sleeve that allow her to turn to stone those she is not attracted to, if any, just by coming into contact with them. Techniques such as “Thigh Perfuming”, “Slave Arrow” and “Pistol Kiss”, among others, can turn even inanimate objects into stone, which makes this ability truly terrifying.

The fossilization power of this fruit is certainly very interesting and may be the reason why Blackbeard wanted it at all. However, Blackbeard is certainly not beautiful in any sense, and she will have trouble making full use of her abilities. Because of this, it is quite difficult for him to be a good user of Mero Mero no Mi, unless he knows about some secrets of fruits that history has not yet revealed.

Two Devilish fruits of Blackbeard

As fans know, Blackbeard is the first person in the world of One Piece to eat two Devilish Fruits. He acquired Yami Yami no Mi from Thatch, killing him in cold blood when he was a member of the Belous Pirates. After escaping from the ship, Blackbeard finally made his move and began his career as a pirate. He founded the Blackbeard Pirates and soon became famous. Blackbeard claimed that this Devil Fruit was the strongest of all, especially in the Logia class. Soon after, he was offered the position of Citibukai, which he used to raid Impel Down and recruit a powerful team.

Arriving late in Marinford, he killed Belous and successfully stole his abilities. He became a user of Gura Gura no Mi, which is a Paramecium-type Devil Fruit and the strongest in its class. It is known that this fruit has the power to destroy the whole world. By this point, Blackbeard had acquired the strongest Paramecia and the strongest Diabolical fruits of Logium. After the timeskip, his hunt for powerful Devil fruits continued, and it eventually led him to the Amazon Lily, the Island of Women.

The True Nature of Mero Maro no Mi

In One Piece 1059, Blackbeard claimed that he had been waiting patiently to get his hands on Mero Mero no Mi for quite some time. This is quite interesting as Blackbeard didn’t want this fruit to be for one of his teammates. Rather, he wanted to take this ability for himself, which he only does if the fruits are pretty special. He has the strongest Paramecia, the strongest Logia, and only the strongest Zoan is missing. It would make sense for him to acquire a very powerful devil fruit Zoan, however, it was clear that Mero Mero no Mi has abilities similar to Paramecia.

Besides, his abilities are not suitable even for such a ragged character as Blackbeard. There’s no point in Blackbeard wanting this fruit; unless he knows something about it that the fans don’t know yet. Blackbeard hunts only for the most special devilish fruits. At the same time, he should be on the hunt for a Devil Fruit of the Zoan type. Looking back at how Hancock acquired this fruit, it’s rather strange that both of her sisters received zoan fruits, and she received one of the paramecia. However, it is also possible that the Hancock fruit does not belong to the paramecium type at all. Everything points to the fact that her fetus is extremely special, so it is possible that her fetus also belongs to the Zoan type.

This would be well similar to Luffy, who was recently revealed as a user of Hito Hito no Mi, model: Nika.


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