One Piece 1060: Imu makes a move


One Piece 1060 came out earlier today, and Oda continued to deliver as he has done with every passing chapter since the story entered its latest saga. Earlier, fans saw how big events unfold on Amazon Lily, an island in the Belt of Tranquility ruled by Hancock. However, Blackbeard was spotted invading the island, and the Kuja had to fight them off with the Fleet.

After Oda got rid of the Kuji trial, all eyes are now on the Revolutionary Army, Sabo and the Straw Hat Pirates. One Piece 1060 described all the events in a brilliant and cathartic manner when Oda presented what could have been one of the best chapters in the post-Van era of manga. With events related to Luffy’s dream, Sabo’s fate, and even Imu’s power, One Piece has worked to its fullest.

Luffy’s Dream

Luffy’s dream is one of the most important secrets in the One Piece series, to which fans do not yet know the answer. For a long time, most people assumed that Luffy’s desire to become the Pirate King was his dream, but gradually events unfolded in such a way that it became obvious that Luffy actually used the title of Pirate King only as a means to serve his true dream. Roger, the former pirate king, also had the same dream as Luffy, as can be seen from when he fought against Whitebeard and simultaneously announced his true goal to him and Auden. Whether Roger succeeded in achieving his goal or not remains to be seen, but his dream was undoubtedly the same as the one Luffy carries.

In One Piece 1060, fans saw Luffy tell his true dream to all the members of his team for the first time. The fans, of course, did not hear what he was dreaming about, but the reaction of the film crew was visible in the chapter, and, of course, it was full of laughter and shock.

Luffy telling his dream to his team means that now they all know this secret, including Ace and Sabo, Shanks, Reilly and Yamato. Towards the end of the chapter, the Straw Hat Pirates entered the climate zone of a nearby winter island and, ironically, also encountered a Jewelry Bonnie.

The fate of Vivi

One Piece 1060 slightly touched on the topic of Vivi, an honorary member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Vivi joined the team near the end of the Whiskey Peak arc. Then she traveled all the way with the team to Alabasta and saved her country in the process. Vivi stayed in her country despite being invited to join Luffy’s team. However, she is still a Straw Hat at heart, and the team believes the same, as evidenced by their reaction to the news of Vivi’s disappearance.

Just as Luffy wanted to go to Alabasta or even Maryjoys to save her, the rest of the team was also ready to go after her. Zoro, however, made a mistake out of caution. Accordingly, according to him, the crew will incur even more trouble if it crashes in any of the two places.

In addition, Zoro also suggested waiting for Vivi to call for help before going to her aid, suggesting that he has great faith in her abilities as a fighter and, more importantly, a leader. Seeing that this was the wisest decision, the team eventually obeyed Zoro. At the moment, Vivi’s fate remains unknown, and fans will have to wait.

The Destruction of Lulucia

The kingdom of Lulusia was first revealed in history during Ace’s great hunt for Blackbeard, long before the Main War in history. After the Cake Island arch, the commanders of the Revolutionary Army gathered on this island and helped people defeat the Pink Beard. In One Piece 1060, fans saw Sabo calling a Dragon from the Kingdom of Lulusia and informing him of the existence of someone sitting on an Empty Throne.

Before Szabo could reveal the man’s identity, Imu managed to find out where he was and set about using his powers to wipe out the entire island. Somehow, marking “X” on the map above the island, a strange floating body was seen above the clouds. Soon after, he produced an explosion capable of wiping the entire island off the face of the earth. Apparently, every citizen of the island, and even Clogs from the Revolutionary Army, were hit by a powerful explosion. Although fans don’t know what kind of power the Imu possesses, it is most likely an ancient weapon, since only this weapon is capable of destroying islands with one shot.

Fans have already met Poseidon, and Pluto is under the Country of Vano, which means that the Ancient weapon that currently controls Imu is Uranus. With a new island to explore and the fate of Sabo left in doubt, One Piece will become even more stressful than ever before.


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