One Piece 1059: Boa Hancock vs Blackbeard


One Piece 1059 was released earlier today, and it goes without saying that this chapter may have been one of the best in history in a long time. As expected, the story continues to provide information about the outside world after the Straw Hat Pirates left Vano Country. For four years, fans saw very little of the outside world due to the fact that Vano was isolated from the rest of the world. Slowly, the Ode now reveals how the currents have changed since the days of Dreams.

Previously, fans had heard about the Revolutionary Army and the Fiery Emperor Sabo, and in this chapter we got to know the Amazon Lily, the birthplace of the pirate Empress Boa Hancock. As fans know, the fleet was spotted outside the country in One Piece 956, and chapter 1059 showed fans exactly what was happening on the island.

Shanks and Marco

One Piece 1059 began with Shanks and Marco talking aboard Red Force, the flagship of the Red-Haired pirates. Fans expected Marco to appear towards the end of Vano, however, since the arc is over, his appearance now has certainly come as an unexpected surprise. Marco was again offered to join the Pirates of the Red-Haired, but he again refused. Heading to the island of the Sphinx, the place he protects, Marco saw memories of his last days in Vano. At the beginning of the flashback, Yamato talked to Luffy about staying in Vano.

Earlier it turned out that Yamato would first want to visit all the regions of Vano, and then go to the sea. However, One Piece 1059 revealed that this was just an excuse that Yamato came up with. The real reason he stayed in Vano’s Country is simply because he wants to help protect the country. The Green Bull’s attack made him realize that he had to stay in Vano to protect him from such forces. Meanwhile, Marco’s role in this chapter was quite emotional, as it was reminiscent of the time when he saved Luffy in the Great War. Fans were waiting for them to exchange opinions, and this chapter was finally delivered. Unfortunately, the exchange did not last long, as Marco immediately went to Shanks’ ship and sailed home.

The Amazon Lily Incident

The Amazon Lily incident may have been the largest in One Piece 1059. Three years later, fans finally saw what happened on the island. The fleet invaded Amazon Lily as expected, however they found it quite difficult to deal with the Kuja Pirates, all of whom are incredibly powerful uses of Hacks. The only reason they were able to advance was because women could not harm children like the Pacifists called Seraphim. These Seraphim appear to be clones of Citibukai with lunar DNA, which makes them incredibly powerful. Fans have seen Hancock Seraphim demolish most of the island. Meanwhile, mihawk-seraphim easily carved half of a giant mountain into an Amazonian lily.

While the Kuja could withstand the threat of the Sea Patrol, it was Blackbeard who arrived on the island and created big problems for the tribe. Catching Hancock by surprise, he made it clear that he had long wanted to get her powers. Thanks to the intervention of Silvers Reilly, none of the lives were lost, and everyone left the island without further aggravation. Kuja is safe for now. However, Amazon Lily Island is in danger as long as Hancock remains there.

The case of Captain Kobi

Kobi was one of the main characters involved in this major incident. He led the attack on Amazon Lily and clearly wasn’t doing his job properly. Kobe might have died if Blackbeard hadn’t arrived on the island and done him a favor. When Hancock was captured by Blackbeard, it was revealed that Kobi had helped him during the Rocky Port incident, where he received the title “Hero of Rocky Port”. After Raleigh’s arrival, it was believed that Kobi also got off the island, but towards the end of the chapter it turned out that Captain Kobi, for some reason, was actually captured by Blackbeard himself.

What Blackbeard is going to do with him is still unknown. Kobi doesn’t offer much to me, so this is a rather strange decision on his part. This, however, paves the way for a war with the Blackbeard Pirates with a potential arc of salvation along the way. Perhaps One Piece 1060 will explore this further and give fans more information about what Blackbeard has planned for the young Marine Patrol.


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