One Piece 1053: Will Chopper get the award he deserves?


The One Piece reward system is one of the impressive things to note about the Shonen anime. The anime presents a criminal system organized by the World Government and Sentinels, including the appointment of rewards for famous pirates to increase the chances of their capture. Although the reward system does not originate from One Piece, as the concept is based on a true pirate story, Ode masterfully implements it.

So far in One Piece, fans have been looking forward to rewarding their favorite characters after each arc, as it makes the series more interesting. However, Tony Tony Chopper, the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship’s doctor, is one of the characters the system is tricking about his actual reward. Under normal circumstances, this should be a good thing as it hides the character’s true abilities; however, for One Piece fans, Chopper’s true reward is something to look forward to. As Vano’s arc is about to officially end, will Chopper finally get the breakthrough he deserves?

Chopper is the ship’s favorite doctor

Chopper is one of the oldest members of the Straw Hat Pirates team, and in critical situations his medical skills saved various characters of the series. Tony Tony Chopper looks like a reindeer, but every time he is often mistaken for a “raccoon”. Most likely, this is one of the key factors of his low reward. Chopper joined the Straw Hat Pirate crew when Luffy visited Drum Island to find medicine for the injured Nami. Although, as usual, he was mistaken for a raccoon, the blue-nosed creature helped Us recover. After the whole saga, Nami tried to recruit Chopper to her team, but he brazenly refused, as people had harmed people he valued.

Chopper then changed his view of people after Luffy, the antagonist of the story arc, Wapol, the killer of Chopper’s mentor. However, he had no motivation to join the Straw Hat Pirates team even after they gained his trust, until he remembered Dr. Kureha’s desire to learn more about medicine by traveling the world. Based on this memory, Chopper joined the Straw Hat Pirate crew to sail the Grand Line at that time in the story. Chopper has been an indispensable assistant to the Straw Hat Pirates so far, and given his first-class medical skills and importance to the Straw Hat Pirates, he deserves a higher reward.

Chopper’s Unfair Rewards

Chopper has one of the most unfair awards in One Piece. The first recognized character award is 50 berries. While a multimillion-dollar bounty was placed on the head of the Straw Hat Pirate Captain, Chopper’s reward was amazing and ridiculous. Most likely, the Chopper award is one of the jokes in One Piece, added to enhance its comedic value. However, the reward can be considered unfair, given Straw Hat’s achievements as a pirate. Chopper ate a Devilish Zoan-type fruit: Hito Hito no Mi, which transformed him from an ordinary reindeer into a human hybrid.

In the early One Piece story arcs, Chopper was more of a unleashed weapon that even his teammates couldn’t control, especially after he drank the Rumble Ball medicine. The Rumble Ball medicine acts as an amplifier, which significantly increases the size and strength of the Chopper, but at the expense of his sense of reason. After taking this pill to increase strength, Chopper becomes a walking berserker (Fate series), who does not know how to do anything but rampage. In the Arch of the Enies Lobby, Chopper played a huge role in destroying most of the Enies Lobby during the Straw Hat Pirates’ confrontation with CP9. Chopper’s powers were both a blessing and a curse until a two-year hiatus.

By deepening his knowledge of medicine, Chopper gained more control over his Diabolical Fetus. At this point, even after taking the Rumble Ball medicine, Chopper could act with his common sense intact. This development allowed him to win important fights for the Straw Hat Pirates. Unfortunately, after the Dressross arc, Chopper’s reward only increased to 100 berries and has remained at this level ever since. The main reason for Chopper’s low reward is that he is mistaken for a Straw Hat team pet who loves candy. Until this misunderstanding is resolved, Chopper’s reward will remain low.

Will Chopper get the reward he deserves?

Chopper played a crucial role even in the Vano arc, acting as a doctor and saving lives within his reach. One of his main achievements in the arc is coming up with a solution for the deadly attack of the queen, which spread the oni virus in the victim’s systems. Through careful observation, Chopper first discovered a temporary solution to the problem to prevent further spread of the virus before creating a permanent cure. The medical skills of the Straw Hat Pirates doctor are second to none, and he is not just an ordinary doctor. Chopper is also a key factor in the Straw Hat Pirates’ battle plans.