One Piece 1053: Admiral Green Bull makes a Move


The One Piece arc dedicated to the country of Vano is nearing completion, and this week the chapter will be the last in the saga of the four emperors. As the series approaches a month-long hiatus starting today, One Piece 1053 has made sure to show off quite grandiosely, keeping fans on their toes. As expected, the chapter of this week was devoted to the celebration in the country of Vano. Earlier, Luffy and Zoro woke up after 7 days, and Momonosuke, the shogun of Vano, ordered a grand banquet on the same day. At the same time, Admiral Green Bull was seen heading to Vano towards the end of the previous chapter.

In One Piece 1053, Oda tackled the same plot points and pushed them even further. With a grand banquet in Vano, an admiral heading there to overshadow the celebration, and big revelations with Nico Robin, the chapter was nothing short of incredible. Although the arc of the Vano Country is very close to its completion, it seems that the intensity is only increasing.

The Celebration of Vano and the Dark Secret

As expected, most of the chapter this week was devoted to the celebration in the country of Vano. Before the raid on Onigashima began, Luffy promised to arrange a grand banquet, the like of which no one has ever seen, and Oda presented exactly that in this chapter.

As the residents of Vano saw the grand festival for the first time in more than 20 years, the tone of the chapter was quite warm and melancholic. However, this was mixed with a huge hype caused by the news of the fall of two Children, Big Mama and Kaido. The awards of the captains of the Worst Generation were revealed to the whole world, and each of them received 3 billion apiece. In addition, the chapter also announced the new Four Sea Emperors. As expected, Shanks and Blackbeard are among them. The new additions, however, are quite interesting as Luffy and Buggy join their ranks.

The Gorosei were shown at the beginning of the chapter, and interestingly, Luffy’s appearance in the image of the Sun God Niki was published against their wishes. This will certainly have a big impact on the whole world, but at the moment fans do not know how Ode will cope with this plot point.

More importantly, Niko Robin and Tenguyama Hitetsu shared a very intriguing conversation in which it turned out that the latter is Kozuki Sukiyaki, Oden’s father. In a shocking turn of events, Nico Robin revealed that the poneglyph in Arabasta indicates the location of Pluto, which is located in Vano. Since Sukiyaki already knows about this, it looks like Pluto will play an important role in the upcoming saga, which will begin with One Piece 1054.

Admiral Rekugyu makes his move

The big revelations in the “Flower Capital” were not the only topic that Oda touched on in this chapter. In fact, one of the most intriguing parts was the successful penetration of the Green Bull into the country. In Udon, he was seen wreaking havoc in the Prisoners’ Mine, where he destroyed an entire unit of Beast Pirates.

Having completely defeated the likes of Babanuki and even All-Stars, King and Queen, Oda demonstrated the threat of the Green Bull to the fans. The powers of his devil fruit have also been revealed in more detail in this chapter. Earlier, the Green Bull was seen flying towards the country with the help of a flower that grew out of his back. In this chapter, fans saw how he uses root-like finger appendages to remove moisture from the bodies of those into whom it has penetrated. Even the likes of the King and Queen were exposed to his powers, which only shows how dangerous he is.

At the same time, the fans also saw what his mentality was like. Although most expected him to be similar to Fujitora in terms of his sense of justice, it seems that he is quite a big fan of Sakazuki’s lifestyle. The Green Bull was seen aiming at Monkey D. Luffy and heading towards the Flower Capital. It seems that these two will inevitably meet in the next chapter and maybe even clash. Whether the Green Bull will actually fight Luffy or decide to show cunning and use diplomacy in some way remains to be seen.

Given the number of enemies he has in Vano, it would be ridiculous to assume that he can defeat them all at once. It is also interesting to note that Luffy is finally holding a newspaper in front of him, which means that he may well find out about events taking place around the world. The fates of the likes of Vivi, Sabo and Hancock may well soon become known to fans. The world of One Piece seems to be getting more turbulent with each chapter, however fans will have to wait a month to see what problems are brewing outside of Vano.