One Piece 1052: The Beginning of a new era in the Bathroom


Chapter One Piece 1052 finally came out a few hours ago and continued the jubilation throughout Vano. Earlier, fans saw Luffy defeat Kaido and finally free the country of Vano from his clutches. When Momonosuke proclaimed himself the next shogun of the country and all the people rallied around him, Oda painted a pretty beautiful picture that finally ended 20 long years of suffering for everyone who lived in the country. At the same time, fans saw Yamato join the Straw Hat Pirates, which Oda also continued to address in this chapter.

With One Piece 1052, fans saw that the country’s heroes had finally woken up. Moreover, the chapter also confirmed quite a few deaths, and also delivered a bunch of shocking moments towards the end. As One Piece approaches a month-long hiatus, events are expected to get better pretty soon, and this week’s chapter turned out to be the beginning of the end for Vano.

Winners and losers in the war

The Alliance’s victory over the Emperors seems to have spread rapidly around the world, which means that the winners of the war have finally been confirmed by Ode himself beyond any doubt. Both Big Mama and Kaido have fallen, but their defeat does not end with the fall of their empires; it also extends to the World Government, which makes them losers in this war, despite the fact that they did not participate in it.

The world government has been trying for years to maintain the balance of power in the One Piece world. With the fall of the Dollar, the balance was broken. Moreover, Luffy has finally awakened his Hito Hito no Mi, a model: Nick, which has made him the biggest enemy at the moment. Earlier, the Gorosei mentioned that over the past 800 years, no one has managed to awaken this Diabolical fruit. With Niki’s return, the World Government will have to be more careful.

In the Country of Vano, the celebration continued after Luffy and Zoro finally woke up after 7 days of recuperation. Meanwhile, people across the country celebrated 7 days, which is a way to show that they can now drink clean water and breathe fresh air after 20 years of suffering. The upcoming chapter of One Piece is likely to give fans an idea of the banquet that was promised to be held at the end of the war.

Continuing the theme of winners and losers, Oda also showed fans those alliance members who died. Starting with Yasuie, who gave his life to keep the sparks of rebellion alive, and ending with the likes of Ashura Doji and Izo. In a conversation between Marko, Kin’emon and Kawamatsu, it turned out that all the deceased would be honored together with Oden in a new temple built on a hilltop in the Vano Ringo region, from where they could clearly see the noisy Flower. Capital. Ode’s clever use of this theme prevailed throughout the chapter and will probably play a role in the next one.

Cypher Paul and Admiral Rekugyu

Shortly before Kaido’s defeat, fans saw the last remaining CP0 member escape to Vano. This week’s chapter gave fans a chance to look at him again when he was talking to the Gorosei from one of the ships just outside the Vano Country. According to him, Zunesha, the giant elephant seems to have left. The Gorosei believe that this means that the borders of the Vano Country will not open yet, which means that a direct attack on the country remains impossible for them.

Although they can neither stop Nika nor take over Vano’s Country, they still feel they can get Nico Robin. The last remaining CP0 member mentioned that he could still secure Robin’s capture, which means they are still planning to attack the country one way or another. Cipher Pol will probably play a big role in the next chapter. Although it is unlikely that Nico Robin will be captured by the World Government, it is quite possible.

More interestingly, right before Gorosei and CP0 member ended their conversation, the conversation was interrupted by someone who asked the fleet to stay where they were. This goes well with the end of the chapter, where fans saw the Admiral of the fleet Ryokugyu heading to the country of Vano. In a conversation with Akainu, he mentioned that he would not do anything reckless, however, if the government ships were really behind him, it could turn into a dangerous situation for Niko Robin and the residents of Vano.

In addition, fans also saw the abilities of his devil fruit for the first time, and it turned out that they were somehow related to plants, implying that it was a Paramecia. The story seems to focus on Admiral Ryokugyu’s entry into the country and, at the same time, on the newspaper ads that Apu brought with him.