One Oracle quote proves that she should lead the Justice League


Just one moment of the Oracle absolutely proves that she should lead the entire Justice League. Even the most staunch fans of Barbara Gordon often forget that Oracle was once an integral member of the JLA. As Oracle continues its triumphant return to Gotham City, DC Comics should consider promoting her character back to the big leagues, where she can have a greater impact on the DC universe.

Barbara Gordon may have started her career as a crime fighter as a Batgirl, but she spent her greatest battles as a tech spy Oracle. After the Joker was paralyzed by the Joker in the scandalous Batman story “Killer Joke”, Babs reinvented herself at the computer and in the ears of almost every DCU team: Suicide Squad, Bat family, and especially the Justice League. Before the New 52 era rejuvenated Babs and put her back in the Batgirl hood, she was one of the most powerful characters in any “family” or context.

To call the Oracle one of the most powerful figures in the DC universe would not be an exaggeration, and even Barbara knows it. In JLA: Classified #14 by Warren Ellis, Butch Guice, David Baron, and Phil Balsman, the Justice League is captured by an intergalactic god known only as Z. Separated from each other and in serious danger, only the Oracle remained. Despite the threat, she is confident, saying, “JLA is not lost. Because I’m still here.” She then begins working to save the team despite losing huge heavyweights like Superman and Wonder Woman. Oracle is just doing its job, and doing it well.

This conflict and the scene prove how tough Barbara Gordon can be, especially in her role as the Oracle. Even when the JLA’s “heavy artillery” comes to naught, she buckles herself in and gets to work, knowing that she herself can carry the weight of the Justice League. Later in this issue, she even notes that, with so much knowledge at her disposal, she has more power than the president of the United States — at least. Barbara Gordon saves the Justice League from the threat of this release, Z, putting it on the level of a “god” who has killed entire worlds, ultimately proving that Babs has the courage, strength and intelligence to lead the world’s most important superhero team again.

In one turn of speech, Barbara Gordon proves that Oracle has everything it needs to lead the Justice League. Although many years have passed since Oracle last left Gotham and got into the big leagues, it’s time for DC to once again pay attention to this main character and put her in her place. The Bat family can rely on the Oracle and truly love it, but the rest of the world needs her-sometimes she’s the only one who can save the Justice League.


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