One of the fan theories of “Very Strange Cases” suggests a major villainous twist for the main character, and I could become a believer


Warning! Spoilers for the 4th season of the TV series “Very strange things”, volume 1 coming soon! Go fight the Demo Bats and come back when you’ve completely caught up!

The end of the first volume of the fourth season of the series “Very Strange Things” has made fans think about a lot in the weeks since it finally debuted on Netflix as part of the TV program for 2022. From trying to remember where Eleven, Will, Hopper and the rest of the gang were to the finale of “Very Strange Things”, to the concern of many of us about Steve’s fate after all these bites of the demolition bat, viewers can’t stop thinking about what we saw and what might appear in the second volume. One of these things concerns the Big Bad, Vecna, and who can help him, which has led to a fan theory that suggests a big, fat villainous twist for the main character of “Very Strange Cases.” : Will Byers. And this theory might make me believe.

What is the theory of “Very Strange Cases” about whether he will be a villain?

I’ve been thinking about a number of aspects of the series “Very Strange Things” since the release of the first volume of the fourth season, including the question of whether Vecna is the main villain of the series. There were rumors that Will might not be as innocent of these Upside-Down shenanigans as he always seemed (the same with Eleven), but now one fan (who was reviewing the first season) has posted on Reddit a very detailed explanation of his theory. about how Will can turn out to be a very bad guy, and there are a few compelling points to consider.

As you know, Vecna is actually Brenner’s number one test subject and started his life as Henry Creel, who killed his mother and sister and framed his father Victor in the murders. The first thing this fan theory raises is the fact that both Will and Henry are described by their parents as different from other children and “sensitive”, which means that we are already on a potentially dark path with Will. The theory states that either Byers’ younger boy was already darkening without Vecna’s help (and this could have led to the monster discovering him), or Vecna was able to turn him soon after the abduction.

The message also points out that we don’t see things from Will’s point of view on the Inside, while we see some of the other Demogorgon victims, suggesting that Will wasn’t really scared the whole time he was there. Also, and probably most convincingly, is the sequence of events that led to Joyce being able to contact Will through the Christmas lights.

It starts with Joyce receiving two breathing phone calls, which turn into an animal growl, and then electricity runs through the phone. A Reddit user notes that it seems Vecna is stalking her to cause fear, as we see him doing in season 4. After the second ring, the light begins to lead Joyce down the corridor to Jonathan’s room, where Demogorgon is trying to break through. which causes even more fear in Joyce, who runs away, but then decides to return to the house.

After Joyce buys Christmas lights and hangs them all over the house, they bring Mike’s younger sister, Holly, to the same place where she was almost grabbed by a faceless Demogorgon. The fan asks if Will can control the light, why would he use it to lead people to potential gates where Demogorgon can get them? On top of that, when Joyce is most scared, after Will can finally tell her to run, that’s when Demogorgon can finally break through.

OK… good! Of all the things I want to see when “Very Strange Things” returns in Volume 2, revealing evil is not one of them, but these are good moments, right? The fan who put forward this theory believes that Vecna turned (or completely turned) The will to help their cause by harassing, intimidating, and isolating the victims to then lead them to the most dangerous places so they can be used in the final plan of Vecna.

Although he doesn’t have any supernatural abilities, we know that Will used to have a mental (and obviously physical) connection to the Underside, so if he ever finds himself near the gate again, that might come back, leading a boy who feels like his best friend fired him so that he really caused harm to Vekna.

I was already pretty sure that Vecna was behind all the villains from “Very Strange Cases” anyway, so his corruption of Will would just be another sign of his strength. It is quite possible that this potential twist will be considered in the near future, when the 4th volume 2 of the series “Very Strange Things” will be released on Netflix on July 1.