One of the best moments of “Very Strange Things 4” was not in the script


Now that season 4 of “Very Strange Things” is officially in the books, new details have emerged about what was going on behind the scenes. In particular, there is information that one of the most iconic scenes of the last part of “Very Strange Things” was unplanned and unplanned until one of the stars made an improvisation.

In the second part of the 4th season of “Very Strange Things” there were actually quite a few moments that are likely to stand out from the general mass. There were many moments when it seemed like they were putting the finishing touches on the show, despite the fact that the Netflix show is getting a 5th season. While the team is planning what might happen with the next and last part, if one big scene that was unplanned could indicate that it would be better if the actors controlled the direction of the story more.

On Twitter, the writers of “Very Strange Cases” reported that the scene where Hopper and Joyce kiss after the reunion was not actually in the script. In fact, it seems that David Harbor and Winona Ryder came up with the idea to finally put an end to the Hopper-Joyce “will they, won’t they” conversation that the series had been creating for a couple of seasons.

It seems that the actors know exactly what the audience of “Very Strange Things” in Vol. 2 wanted, since the scene was quite famous. Of course, there are some fans of the Netflix series who seem a little annoyed that one of the most touching moments of the year wasn’t planned.

One fan on Twitter asked if any of the show’s best moments were actually written and planned by the people behind the show. Then, in an angry comment, they asked what exactly the screenwriters were paid for if the actors improved the scenes that the fans found most enjoyable.

Of course, it’s hardly fair to say that the actors of “Very Strange Cases” are behind all the best moments. There were many important moments in the fourth season of the Netflix show. Most episodes, especially the last two, are a little longer than the loyal viewers are used to seeing. There were many favorite moments that were planned from the very jump. It just turned out that Harbor and Ryder knew that one particular part of the show needed an exclamation mark.

“Very Strange Things” is currently available for streaming on Netflix.