One of Netflix’s Most Popular Acquired Shows Is About to be Removed from the service


While Netflix is usually quick to promote its biggest and most popular original series — for example, this concerns “Bridgerton” and “Very Strange Cases” — it is obvious that the streaming service’s most watched shows are not always studio projects. From the hospital drama “Anatomy of Passion” to… whatever happens on “Kokomelon”… Netflix has long acquired the tariffs of other studios to please its subscribers. But now it looks like one of the most popular licensed series on the platform will be hastily released, and Criminal Minds and its BAU members are about to make their inevitable, albeit temporary, exit from streaming.

Unfortunately for those who have just started the rampant “Think Like a Criminal” festival on Netflix, the former CBS drama will be removed from the service on Wednesday, June 29. Friends, Netflix’s “Think Like a Criminal” streaming deal has run its course, and the creatively violent network drama will move to other streaming pastures.

If you are one of those who constantly had “Criminal Minds” in the background when they were doing household chores or something else, then you understand how big this news is. But for those who may not see it as such, take into account that for many years, “Thinking like a Criminal” has been broadcast for more than 500 million minutes every week. I admit that this is an approximate average, given the lack of specific data, but the show consistently ranks in the top ten according to Nielsen.

For example, in the latest report of the measurement service for the week from May 16 to 22, the series “Think like a Criminal” ranks third among all purchased TV programs with 501 million minutes of viewing from its (albeit incomplete) library of 321 episodes. By comparison, “Kokomelon” is at the top of this list with 682 million minutes, and “Lincoln Lawyer” and “Ozark” are the only two Netflix series that were watched more than “Thinking Like a Criminal” that week. And this is not entirely uncommon. So it’s a big deal, that’s all I’m saying.

Fortunately, fans aren’t so unlucky when it comes to streaming “Think Like a Criminal,” as it will be available to those with a Paramount+ subscription on June 29. Anyway, it makes a little more sense from the studio’s point of view, since Paramount Global operates the streaming service and its former CBS network. (However, the last three seasons, which aired from 2018 to 2020, will still only be available on Hulu (will open in a new tab) until this deal expires.)

Even without seasons 13-15, it makes sense for “Think Like a Criminal” to be on Paramount+, since that’s where the upcoming revival series is being created. Although in 2021 it seemed that these plans might not come true in full, the cast began signing contracts earlier in 2022, bringing it all closer to reality. (Even Kirsten Wangsness is back, despite the fact that Garcia doesn’t seem to be involved in the manhunt.)

So be sure to stream every last drop of “Thinking Like a Criminal” on Netflix while you still can—and maybe play Find the Forgotten Actor bingo—before the show switches to Paramount+. And check out everything else that will appear on the streamer soon, in our schedule of Netflix TV premieres.