One More Thing | 4 news from the Apple ARM chip event


This Tuesday (10), Apple held the One More Thing, an online event to present the new computers equipped with its proprietary chip based on the ARM architecture, the M1.

If you were unable to keep up with all the news announced, here we list everything that happened at the Apple event:

1. M1 is the first ARM chip for Mac

The SoC is produced using the Apple Silicon architecture, based on ARM, with a 5 nm manufacturing process. According to the company, the chip offers the best performance per watt in the market. In addition to working with low power consumption, the chip has unified memory, promising more speed in operations on MacOS Big Sur.

2. MacBook Air with M1

The new MacBook Air was the first Apple notebook to receive the M1 chip. In Brazil, it will be sold at prices starting at R $ 12,999, but there is still no date for national marketing. According to Apple, the adoption of the new chip guarantees up to 3.5 times more CPU speed and 5 times more graphics power for the notebook.

Apple has also equipped the MacBook Air with a 13.3-inch Retina display and a battery that delivers 15 hours of use away from the plug in Wi-Fi navigation and up to 18 hours of autonomy in video playback. This is possible thanks to the M1.

3. MacBook Pro for R $ 17,299

The first Macbook Pro equipped with the M1 has a 13-inch display and will be sold in Brazil for prices starting at R $ 17,299. In the United States, the device costs $ 1,299.

As energy efficiency is the motto of the new M1 chip, the MacBook Pro’s battery promises up to 20 hours of life, which indicates the longest battery life ever seen on a Mac.

4. Mac mini also received new chip

Costing $ 100 less than its predecessor – at least in the United States – the new Mac mini with M1 chip will start at R $ 8,699, but still with no release forecast.

The new computer supports external monitors up to 6K, has a Thunderbolt and USB 4 port. With 16GB of RAM and SSD for up to 2TB of storage, the device also has a Wi-Fi 6 connection.


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